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Humphries: Is this Wobegon or Wisconsin?

Candidate for State Superintendent John Humphries released the following statement in response to the release of state report cards by the Department of Public Instruction earlier today:

By - Nov 17th, 2016 02:03 pm

“Two-thirds of Milwaukee Public Schools–over 100 of them–aren’t meeting the low expectations bar set by DPI and nearly one-third are failing outright. If that’s not a failing district, what is?

At my alma mater, Dixon Elementary School in Brookfield, about 40% of students are NOT proficient in English Language Arts (reading), yet the school “significantly exceeds expectations.”

A district score of 73 is sufficient to exceed expectations in the state of Wisconsin; a score of 63.1 is sufficient to meet expectations. I hope those districts aren’t holding their own students to that same standard.

These low expectations set by DPI only serve to hurt our students in the real world. According to the recently released University of Wisconsin Remedial Course Report, 76 Wisconsin high schools–many of which meet, exceed or even significantly exceed expectations, according to DPI–had at least 25% of their graduates attending the UW System require math remediation as freshmen.

The 2015-16 report cards continue a time honored tradition at DPI of putting politics before kids. Wisconsin needs honest and transparent report cards that tell the truth about student outcomes. How else can parents and all Wisconsinites work together to improve education?

Wisconsin can do better! When I am Superintendent, I will reject the same business-as-usual attitude that has gotten us stagnant achievement for years.”

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John Humphries

DeVos Will Be an Advocate for School Choice and Creative Solutions That Benefit Wisconsin Students

Candidate for State Superintendent John Humphries released the following statement in response to the nomination of Betsy DeVos for U.S. Education Secretary:

John Humphries

John Humphries Officially Launches Campaign for State Superintendent

Pledges accountability, partnership and taking politics out of schools so that we can improve education for every child in Wisconsin.

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