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Election is Over: Time to Focus on Real Issues Facing Milwaukee County

"The resolution is a grab bag of liberal causes that have nothing to do with the business of Milwaukee County."

By - Feb 2nd, 2017 01:35 pm

MILWAUKEE – Supervisor Steve F. Taylor opposed a politically charged resolution adopted by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Thursday that included a grab bag of liberal causes. The assortment of issues included several items over which the board has not authority or influence.

Supervisor Taylor opposes discrimination in all forms but does not support the resolution because it is nothing more than political posturing for the benefit of select special interest groups.

Supervisor Taylor provided the following statement:

“The resolution is a grab bag of liberal causes that have nothing to do with the business of Milwaukee County.

“It’s not the place of the County Board to engage in political posturing in an attempt to satisfy every liberal special interest group just because they lost an election.

“I work for the people of Milwaukee County, and not a political party, and it’s time for us to start focusing on the critical issues facing the residents of Milwaukee County.”

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