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DNR Public Hearings on Waukesha Water Diversion

The DNR will hold three public hearings next week to gather public input on the City of Waukesha’s application to take water from Lake Michigan.

By - Aug 13th, 2015 08:12 am

WAUKESHA — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will hold three public hearings next week to gather public input on the City of Waukesha’s application to take water from Lake Michigan. The hearings on Monday, August 17 in Waukesha and Tuesday, August 18 in Milwaukee and Racine will allow residents to voice their opinions about Waukesha’s precedent setting application to divert water from the Great Lakes. In addition to the public hearings, the Compact Implementation Coalition will be hosting their own presentations and informational events right before the DNR public hearings in Waukesha and Milwaukee.

The DNR released its draft environmental impact statement and preliminary decision on Waukesha’s application for Great Lakes water on June 25, 2015. The DNR is required to seek public input prior to issuing its final decision. If the Wisconsin DNR approves Waukesha’s application, Governor Walker and the governors of the seven other Great Lakes states must also give their approval and allow the premiers of two Canadian provinces to formally weigh in.

The Compact Implementation Coalition and other community members will be testifying at these hearings to urge the DNR to carefully consider the inadequacies of Waukesha’s application. This unprecedented application will affect how similar decisions are treated across the Great Lakes region for generations to come. The Great Lakes are one of our most important resources and with so much at stake, the DNR has a responsibility to get this decision right.

For more information about exact dates, times & directions to the public hearings please visit:

To RSVP to the Compact Implementation Coalition’s Presentation & Cookout in Waukesha (8/17) or Presentation & Lunch in Milwaukee (8/18) please visit:

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