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Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement On Closing Of Appleton North Planned Parenthood Clinic

"I am incredibly disappointed to hear that due to the constant threats of violence that occur at Planned Parenthood sites that the Appleton North Planned Parenthood clinic will not be re-opening."

By - Aug 23rd, 2016 01:35 pm

MADISON – The following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning on the closing of the Appleton North Planned Parenthood Clinic:

“I am incredibly disappointed to hear that due to the constant threats of violence that occur at Planned Parenthood sites that the Appleton North Planned Parenthood clinic will not be re-opening.

“As a woman and a mother with two daughters, it is beyond uncomfortable to think of the future of women’s health in our state when any kind of high-quality, affordable heath care access that keeps women safe is compromised – especially when it comes at the behest of violent threats.

“Women in Wisconsin shouldn’t have to drive hours across the state or across the border in order to get the crucial medical services needed to be in good health. It is critically important that our elected and community leaders prioritize access to the safe, reproductive care essential to Wisconsin women’s health and safety.

“It is equally important for our leaders in Madison and every community in Wisconsin to create a conversation that elevates the need to prioritize women’s health in our state and seeks to put an end to the hateful rhetoric which produces acts of violence against abortion providers.”

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