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Brostoff Releases Position Paper on Reducing Student Debt

As federal legislation stalls, Brostoff offers solutions for higher education reform

By - Jun 18th, 2014 02:09 pm

MILWAUKEE –Jonathan Brostoff, candidate for the 19th Assembly District, released his position paper today that proposes reducing the high college debt burden faced by many college graduates.

“College tuition rates have doubled over the past 12 years, which has made college a financial impossibility for many working-­class families,” said Brostoff. “In order to ensure future generations can pursue the American dream, we must allow them a path to accomplish their goals.”

With recent federal student loan relief legislation failing to garner the necessary support in the United States Senate, Brostoff sees action taken at the state level necessary to alleviate the financial struggles of students across the state.

“When the legislature returns next session, we must act by passing the Hansen-Mason Higher Ed, Lower Debt legislation that will provide long­-term affordable solutions to educate our current generation of students and our next generation of workers,” Brostoff said.

“The bill allows students to deduct their student loan payments from their income tax, expands  loan counseling, and creates a ranking system of lenders,” said Brostoff. “By combining these different strategies, the amount of money saved per student is significant and, for many families, necessary in order to pursue higher education.”

“Our students deserve a legislator who will make higher education a priority.” said Brostoff. “The future of our economy, and most importantly, our students, depends on it.”

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