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Alderwoman Chantia Lewis takes on reckless speeding in District 9

Recently, the City of Milwaukee installed speed cushions on 87th and Tower Ave.

By - Sep 12th, 2017 04:00 pm

Speeding is a risk in our community, a risk I’m actively addressing in District 9. Recently, the City of Milwaukee installed speed cushions on 87th and Tower Ave. I am delighted we have added this traffic control as our neighborhood has struggled with speeding issues for well over a decade. However, we have much to do in other parts of the district where speeding remains a concern.

I am happy that Milwaukee Public Schools reinstituted a program teaching driver education to our teenage drivers. Teaching our young students about respecting the rules of the road ensures that each generation to respect human life each time they get behind the wheel.

We are continuing to work with Milwaukee Police Department to increase traffic enforcement along major intersections. We are also partnering with the Department of Public Works to install speed humps where it is appropriate, and we are communicating with our residents about these changes.

I welcome any ideas, and I am actively working to remedy this issue we have been dealing with for over a decade. It is vitally important that our roads be a safe place for our community to travel, and as your representative it’s an issue I’m actively addressing.

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One thought on “Alderwoman Chantia Lewis takes on reckless speeding in District 9”

  1. Paul Trotter says:

    Good move – there are way too many irresponsible drivers in Milwaukee. There is no respect for the speed limit or traffic signals.

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