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Alderman Donovan to honor transit worker fired after helping woman

Alderman Donovan to honor transit worker fired after helping woman

By - Jan 7th, 2014 12:57 pm

William H. Bierman, Jr. – fired from his job as a Milwaukee County Transit System supervisor after intervening to help a woman being accosted by a man last fall near S. 2nd St. and W. National Ave. – will be honored with a Golden Gloves Award from Alderman Bob Donovan tomorrow (Wednesday, January 8).

Alderman Donovan will present Mr. Bierman with the award during a special ceremony at 1 p.m. Wednesday in the third floor Common Council Chamber anteroom at City Hall, 200 E. Wells St.

“In my opinion Mr. Bierman is a hero who stepped up and did the right thing,” Alderman Donovan said. “Recognizing him and giving him our thanks in the form of a Golden Gloves Award is a small gesture that I hope will show that our community truly values individuals who take action when they see someone who needs help.”

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and County Supervisor Steve F. Taylor are expected to join Alderman Donovan for the ceremony.

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