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Abele Should Stand with Milwaukee County Residents and Help Shoulder the Burden of our Fiscal Challenges

"It's time for Abele to share the burden of Milwaukee County's fiscal challenges, like he promised."

By - Nov 11th, 2016 03:02 pm

MILWAUKEE – County Executive Chris Abele issued a veto to the Milwaukee County budget that supervisors adopted last week. County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., issued the following statement in response to the veto.

“Chris Abele was first elected in 2011 and pledged to ‘freeze the executive office budget.’ Since then salaries and wages in his office have gone up nearly 30%, and yet he asks the taxpayers to pay more. It’s time for Abele to share the burden of Milwaukee County’s fiscal challenges, like he promised.

“It will be hard for County Executive Abele to sell his $60 wheel tax to voters in April if he refuses to tighten his own belt, control the salaries of his appointed staff and keep his pledge to freeze his office budget.”

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    Well said, Teddy.

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