A neighborhood immediately north of the west side of downtown Milwaukee. Sometimes called “Haymarket Square.”

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2015/04/09315 W COURT ST
~~Schedule appt for safety insp & renew certificate
2015/04/151220 N OLD WORLD THIRD ST
~~Replace missing cover on electric junction box
~~Provide clearance to electrical panels
~~Remove flammable decorations
~~Secure pressurized cylinders
~~Repair or replace defective fire door
~~Remove obstructions from fire exits
~~Fire doors must be closed at all times
~~Hazardous materials management plan (HMMP) required. The HMMP shall include a facility site plan designating the following:.\.. 1. Storage and use areas.. 2. Maximum amount of each material stored or used in each area.. 3. Range of container sizes.. 4. Locations of emergency and mitigation valves and devices.. 5. Product conveying piping containing liquids or gases, other than utility-owned fuel gas lines and low pressure fuel gas lines.. 6. On and off positions of valves that are of the self-indicating type.. 7. Storage plan showing the intended storage arrangement, including the location and type of emergency equipment.. 8. The location and type of emergency equipment.\.. The plans shall be legible and drawn approximately to scale. Separate distribution systems are allowed to be shown on separate pages. The chemicals that are to be included in the HMMP are the sodium hypo
2015/04/231220 N OLD WORLD THIRD ST
~~Remove fuel-fired equipment from the building
2015/04/231220 N OLD WORLD THIRD ST
~~Indoor Swimming Pool~~~~Skimmers and drains shall be repaired or replaced as needed. Provide documentation showing that the drain covers installed for Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) compliance have not exceeded their life span. Acceptable documentation includes: receipts, invoices, and manufacturer guarantee statements. Operators who install a different make and model drain cover from the original design plan must submit a plan review to the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) and obtain a City of Milwaukee partial pool alteration permit. Provide documentation of VGBA compliant drain covers. / DHS 172.11(2)(b) /


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Neighborhood Buildings

  • 1300 N. 4th St.

    1300 N. 4th Street

    1300 N. 4th St. is a complex of three brick warehouse buildings in Milwaukee's Haymarket neighborhood.