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Jackie Sitkowski

She works with Habitat Young Professionals and loves the city's unpretentiousness.

By - May 20th, 2013 12:55 pm
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Jackie Sitkowski

Jackie Sitkowski

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and why did you choose to live here?
I have lived in Milwaukee for about seven years.  I moved to Milwaukee from the Chicago suburbs to attend Marquette University and never left.  I choose to stay because Milwaukee is the perfect sized city for me, I can live close to the lake in a great neighborhood and, most importantly, I have met some amazing people that make living here worthwhile.

What about Milwaukee makes it a place that you want to work, live, and play?
To me, Milwaukee is the perfect mix of a city that has a lot going on, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.  The lakefront is gorgeous; there are tons of great neighborhoods, restaurants, and of course, people.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?

I love going to the farmers’ market at South Shore Park in Bay View on Saturday mornings in the summer.

What is one thing you’d like to change about Milwaukee?
I would like to see Milwaukee not top the lists for the most racially segregated cities in the nation.

What do you do?
Last summer, I finished up serving as an AmeriCorps member for two years doing new construction with Milwaukee Habitat.  Now, I work in the volunteer department at Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity.  One of the best parts of my job is working with HYP (Habitat Young Professionals) and seeing how many YPs really do care about Habitat’s mission and Milwaukee!


  • Alex Lasry

    Alex Lasry

    "Marc, Wes, Jamie and the Bucks are determined to help rejuvenate the city."

  • Maurice Thomas

    Maurice Thomas

    "I believe we can change the life outcomes for students in our community..."

  • Sarah Dollhausen

    I have struggled over the years to stay in Milwaukee. With the line of work I am in (youth and community work, running a nonprofit) there are many times I feel hopeless and overwhelmed with the issues we face; unemployment, lack of opportunities for youth, #1 segregated/institutionalized racism, and wanting to explore other opportunities but at the end of the day, this is my home and Milwaukee needs invested individuals to stay here to work through the issues we face.

    "Milwaukee needs invested individuals to stay here to work through the issues we face."

  • Lizzi Weasler

    Kickstart my heart to Harley Davidson Fest... Seeing all of Milwaukee turn into a sea of leather fringe and bedazzled back pocket jeans warms any fashion girl’s heart.

    "The best bonus of Harley Fest is being sung to sleep by thousands of motorcycles revving their engines throughout the streets of good ol’ Miltown."

  • Jonathan Brostoff

    Without a doubt, some big investors are betting on Milwaukee's future, and as a resident of this city, I naturally think they're very wise to do so and would encourage more to follow suit. This sort of growth can have very positive effects on our community, so long as we’re planning in a way that enhances the city as a whole.

    "Without a doubt, some big investors are betting on Milwaukee’s future..."

  • Matt Dorner

    I have lived in Milwaukee for nearly a decade. Since the first time I visited the city with my parents for a Brewers game at County Stadium, I felt a connection to the urban setting. I always felt at some point Milwaukee would be my home.

    "Milwaukee is truly a city on the rise..."

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