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Supervisor Weishan Demands Full Disclosure of John Doe Records

Says County Executive Chris Abele "Should Not Help Scott Walker Cover Up"

By - May 23rd, 2014 10:17 am

Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan, Jr., today demanded that County Executive Chris Abele release thousands of records seized by investigators during a John Doe probe into the potentially illegal actions of staff in Gov. Scott Walker‘s administration as County Executive.

A reserve judge recently ordered that John Doe prosecutors turn over the records to Milwaukee County.

Weishan said news reports indicated that Abele would release the records once they had been redacted.

“Why is Abele trying to cover up possible criminal activities of the Walker administration as County Executive?” Weishan said. “The public requires full disclosure, not redacted history. Abele should release the records without redactions. Abele has no authority to redact these records. Abele has proven to be less than honest with the public and cannot be trusted. A self-described friend of Scott Walker should not be in charge of releasing the documents.”

Weishan said that Abele should make the records public immediately after receiving them. He added that staff time required to redact the records would not be a wise use of tax dollars.

“I recognize that these records make up thousands of pages, the public has a right to know what was going on under the Walker administration that triggered the John Doe,” Weishan said. “Milwaukee County has only limited resources to sift through thousands of emails. The most cost-effective method is to release the documents unedited.

“What is Abele trying to hide? Abele should not help Scott Walker cover up for his misdeeds in office. He should release all the records unedited and un-redacted.”

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One thought on “Supervisor Weishan Demands Full Disclosure of John Doe Records”

  1. Garrett Boyd says:

    If you are concerned about a waste of tax payer dollars let the whole thing drop. The investigation has gone on for years without significantly landing a blow on Walker. There are hardly any politicians that could pass such scrutiny.

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