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Supervisor Moore Omokunde Offended by County Executive’s Remarks

Says Chris Abele’s Comments on African Americans “Worthy of Talk Radio,” Not a Leader

By - Oct 1st, 2015 01:37 pm

Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde said today he was offended by comments made by County Executive Chris Abele to the County Board at Abele’s annual proposed budget address, saying that the County Executive, “clearly does not understand the plight of the African American community in Milwaukee County.”

“When the County Executive answered a direct question about what his recommended budget would do for the African American community, I had a moment of astonishment,” Moore Omokunde said. “He said he was adding money for the House of Correction, social services, mental health and child support.

“What exactly does he think of the African American community and its problems? I’m afraid his answer reflected poorly on him. Does he really think additional funding for the House of Correction is a way to address problems in the African American community? His answer was more reflective of a comment you would hear on right-wing talk radio than that of a progressive leader.”

Moore Omokunde said he was “personally and professionally offended” by Abele’s remarks.

“The tension in the room could have been cut with a knife,” Moore Omokunde said. “Either Mr. Abele is terribly aloof, doesn’t care, or has an outright disdain for his African-American constituency. I don’t know which is worse, but if you look at his power grabs, his funding of an arena on the backs of our poor and elderly, or his comments at today’s budget meeting, it is clear that he is clueless as to solutions to the extreme difficulties faced by the African American community in Milwaukee County.”

Moore Omokunde urged everyone to call Abele’s office at 278-4211.

“Mr. Abele needs to explain his remarks,” Moore Omokunde said. “He is either ignorant or arrogant regarding the problems the African American community faces. In any event, African Americans deserve an explanation.”

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