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Streetcar will siphon away precious revenue, won’t help area of greatest needs in Milwaukee

Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. January 7, 2015

By - Jan 7th, 2015 09:38 am

At the last Common Council meeting, I supported the motion to hold the various legislative files regarding the proposed Streetcar Project until the upcoming Common Council meeting on January 21. It is my intent to oppose this project because of the various deficiencies that I have discussed publicly, and specifically the lack of support for the project from the constituents of the 2nd Aldermanic District, how it does not address the City of Milwaukee’s issues of high poverty and unemployment within the African American and Latino communities, and how it does not give my constituents the option of voting for or against the proposed project through a referendum process.

I admit that negative economic and social indicators exist within the City of Milwaukee and within the African American and Latino communities, but I refuse to continue down the same ill-advised paths of the past. We have all complained about how the negative economic and social indicators are affecting the public safety statistics of the City of Milwaukee. But now it’s time to stop complaining (while proposing to divert precious revenue through the creation and extension of tax incremental districts as political favors) and start honestly addressing these issues.

Black Lives Matter!

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9 thoughts on “Streetcar will siphon away precious revenue, won’t help area of greatest needs in Milwaukee”

  1. Rich says:

    >>>> “…how it does not give my constituents the option of voting for or against the proposed project…” <<<<
    Isn't that Joe Davis' job? Answer the phone or email from your constituent and vote accordingly.

  2. CJ says:

    I agree Rich… plus I don’t see how this issue relates to recent Police issues around the country.

  3. PMD says:

    I would think that rather than oppose this in its entirety, Alderman Davis should be fighting to make sure it is built and includes extensions that would benefit his constituents.

  4. Dave Reid says:

    @PMD Yup, instead he has tied himself to suburban interests.

  5. Lance says:

    I still don’t understand what is Joe Davis end game is here. The streetcar funds have to be used for the streetcar. I doubt if put up for a vote a republican controlled congress would even let changes be made let alone give Milwaukee federal funds for job training (what does this mean?) or any other project.

    I’m starting to do research on how to get Davis and Donovan recalled. Their interests are not even with Milwaukee, and Davis especailly needs to be recalled. I can’t believe he is trying to bring race into a local transit issue.

  6. Rich says:

    So, how do these “Press Release” things on UrbanMilwaukee work?

    Did Joe Davis post this himself, or does staff just put up Press Releases that they receive?
    The “By Joe Davis, Sr. – Jan 7th, 2015 09:38 am” tagline suggests the former, but I have my doubts.

    Specifically, I’m curious if there’s any chance of Joe Davis seeing the (albeit snarky) commentary that it generates.
    I hold no fallacy that we’re having a conversation here or that it would change his mind or approach — The 8 Jan BT article on the streetcar referendum shows there’s way more behind it.

  7. Dave Reid says:

    @Rich Generally I post press releases that come in to us.

  8. Kyle says:

    Lance, you’re thinking like a citizen, not a politician. If Davis wants to further his career (and reports suggest he plans to run for mayor) he’ll need to find new donors. By championing an issue with broad support outside of Milwaukee, he can attract more financial and volunteer support from outside Milwaukee. Tying his opposition to issues of race, jobs, etcetera will make it appear that he’s fighting for the priorities in his district, and for those of the broader population of Milwaukee. Not everyone understands the streetcar expansion plans, or the source of the money, so I’d guess this will play fairly well. Joe Davis is building the financial and vote base for a run for mayor.

    The part I’m waiting to see play itself out is how this alliance with Donovan works out. They need each other now, but if both are eyeing a run at mayor, they’ll have to turn on each other eventually.

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