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New ordinance approved to clean up Dumpster issues

The measure will help mitigate serious recurring issues of Dumpsters that are overflowing with waste and debris, and ones that are in disrepair.

By - Oct 17th, 2017 01:53 pm

An ordinance approved today by the Common Council is aimed at cleaning up increasingly unsightly messes across Milwaukee associated with the use of nonportable solid waste containers (commonly referred to as Dumpsters).

The ordinance (File# 170930) now requires a property owner using a nonportable solid waste container in the public right-of-way on an ongoing or permanent basis to obtain a special privilege granted by the Common Council. The requirement will not apply to a Dumpster placed in the right-of-way on a temporary basis (i.e. a dumpster used in conjunction with a construction project).

Alderman Robert J. Bauman, chair of the Public Works Committee and the primary sponsor of the ordinance, said the measure will help mitigate serious recurring issues of Dumpsters that are overflowing with waste and debris, and ones that are in disrepair.

“The responsibility to maintain these containers and adhere to the standards set forth is now squarely on the shoulders of the property owners, and the city continues to have the ability to charge an enforcement fee in instances of non-compliance,” Alderman Bauman said.

Under File # 170930 a property owner granted a special privilege to place a nonportable waste container placed in the right-of-way must comply with the following standards:

1. The container must remain in the location for which the special privilege was granted.

2. The container must not have rusted surfaces or otherwise be in a state of disrepair.

3. The lid or lids of the container must remain closed at all times, except when refuse is being placed in the container or the container is being emptied.

4. No contents of the container shall spill onto the public right-of-way.

5. No refuse shall remain on the ground on the perimeter of the container.

In addition, the ordinance provides that, in the case of a special privilege for placement of a nonportable waste container in the public right-of-way, the Common Council may, by resolution, revoke the special privilege for failure to comply with the five standards.

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