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Governor Walker Thanks Legislature for Passing Wisconsin Works for Everyone Welfare Reform Bills

Welfare reform package included in Governor Walker’s Ambitious Agenda for Wisconsin

By - Feb 20th, 2018 04:36 pm

MADISON – Governor Scott Walker today released the following statement after the Legislature approved nine Wisconsin Works for Everyone welfare reform bills included in his Ambitious Agenda for 2018.

“We believe public assistance should be a trampoline, not a hammock,” Governor Walker said. “These reforms will help people move from government dependence to true independence through the dignity that comes from work. I thank the Legislature for approving these commonsense measures, especially Speaker Robin Vos and Senator Chris Kapenga. Wisconsin continues to lead the way on welfare reform.”

Part of Governor Walker’s Ambitious Agenda for 2018 included the Wisconsin Works for Everyone welfare reform plan. This plan comprehensively addresses welfare reform through several key initiatives:

  • Allow DHS to set work requirements in FSET to the maximum allowed under federal law (Special Session Assembly Bill 1)
  • Expand FSET statewide for able-bodied adults with school aged dependents (Special Session Assembly Bill 2)
  • Create asset restrictions for individuals participating in FoodShare, Wisconsin Works and Wisconsin Shares (Special Session Assembly Bill 3)
  • Develop employment plans for individuals in public housing (Special Session Assembly Bill 4)
  • Establish a pilot program for periodic payments of the earned income tax credit (Special Session Assembly Bill 5)
  • Require DHS and DCF to implement performance-based payment systems for W-2 and FSET contracts (Special Session Assembly Bill 6)
  • Create a Pay for Success contracting program for public benefit programs (Special Session Assembly Bill AB 7)
  • Require child support compliance for those receiving Medicaid (Special Session Assembly Bill 8)
  • Allow savings accounts in the Medicaid program (Special Session Assembly Bill 9)

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3 thoughts on “Governor Walker Thanks Legislature for Passing Wisconsin Works for Everyone Welfare Reform Bills”

  1. Terry says:

    It’s time for the biggest Big Government moocher in the entire state Career Politician Scott Walker to put up or shut up. That means, if he is going to keep mooching off of taxpayers for the rest of his life as he has since he was 22 years old then he and all the other Republican charlatans that support his disastrous policies need to pee in a cup. They are paid by and work for the taxpayers! This is public money. Taxpayers’ money is a sacred trust! If the poor and powerless need to pee in a cup for food then shouldn’t Walker and Republicans who are paid quite well, receive lavish benefits and have complete power in the state? They could all be on drugs or drunk for all we know. Pee in a cup Walker! Pee in a cup Republicans! If they don’t agree…

    Well what do they have to hide?

    Dump Walker 2018

  2. mkwagner says:

    The cost of this legislative package far outstrips any possible savings it might net. And once again, the most vulnerable are required to pay for entitlements to multi-national corporations and the wealthiest 1%. The shear stupidity of this astounds me, while the cruelty leaves me heartbroken. This legislative package is nothing to cheer about.

  3. Steven Hodges says:

    Funny that there is no mention of childcare assistance while all these folks are out there away from home attempting to meet these new requirements.

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