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CHROMA, Now through February 28, 2015

CHROMA features paintings by Tom Berenz, Derrick Buisch, Ben Grant, Mark Ottens and Jason Rohlf.

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Mark Ottens: COFFIN Acrylic on Panel - 16x16

Mark Ottens: COFFIN Acrylic on Panel – 16×16

CHROMA features paintings by Tom Berenz, Derrick Buisch, Ben Grant, Mark Ottens and Jason Rohlf. Richard Taylor’s aluminum sculpture and Jeremy Popelka’s hand blown Murrini glass vessels are also included in this dynamic collection of new work. Thematically linked by intense color, each artist employs individual modes of personal expression and media for extremely varied results.

  • The paintings of Tom Berenz blur the lines between realism and abstraction and imaginatively discuss ideological and environmental issues with bold shapes formed by acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas
  • Derrick Buisch’s decades long practice of maintaining sketchbooks with ideograms of ordinary objects has resulted in distinct images of graphic motifs culminating in a complex collection of individual object Monsters with striking surface tension
  • Ben Grant forms a visual syntax with strings of information made of color and pattern to build complex relationships within his paintings on panel
  • Mark Ottens continues to find new ways to express the outer limits of color and depth in his highly intricate, many layered, intimately sized paintings
  • Jeremy Popelka blows vibrant, contemporary forms in glass using the ancient technique of Murrini. In the impressive body of work created for CHROMA, he explores new patterns inspired by ancient textiles and revisits Venetian favorites
  • Jason Rohlf incorporates elements of collage and drawing embedded in layers of paint and varnish in his rhythmic paintings. Blended marks and stratum form a warm palimpsest surface that is in harmony with his contemporary
  • Richard Taylor’s dynamically painted aluminum sculptures integrate pop color and bold shapes to express his interest in poetry, travel and jazz

CHROMA was chosen as a Best Bet in the January Issue of Milwaukee Magazine: “Bright, permeating and myriad colors can often be curative in an oppressively cold environment. Collectively, it’s a remedy with enough burn to get those neurons bring again. (Claire Hanan).”

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