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Bryce Responds to Ryan’s Speech on Altering Medicaid

Speaker Ryan rebranded his plan to destroy Medicaid as a way of "helping people"

By - Feb 1st, 2018 04:36 pm

Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce released the following statement in response to reports that Speaker Paul Ryan previewed a plan to alter Medicaid today, in a speech to his colleagues at the Republican House and Senate Retreat. Bryce is running to replace Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

“Speaker Ryan rebranded his plan to destroy Medicaid as a way of ‘helping people,’ today, showing he couldn’t be more out of touch with how to actually help Americans struggling to get by. We aren’t lazy individuals who need to be motivated to work. We are working harder than ever and getting less and less in return. What we need is for Paul Ryan to stop giving tax breaks to the Kochs and stop trying to repeal basic healthcare protections, and to start increasing wages and pass Medicare for All.”

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