2003-06 Vital Source Mag – June 2003

  • At Swim Two Birds

    By Michael Seidel “I stare of your face and I don’t know the first word to say.” With uncertainty — that’s how At Swim Two Birds’ record Quigley’s Point starts off. And that initial utterance sets the mood for the entire record. At Swim Two Birds is Roger Quigley, the vocal half of English cult […]

  • June 2003

    By Jon Anne Willow Dear Readers, With summer just around the bend, the thoughts of many turn to lighter matters. It’s the thing to do, especially for a population whose warm weather days number fewer than national postal holidays. It’s the perfect time to feature one of the fastest growing and exciting sports in the […]

  • Buzzcocks

    By Jeremy Saperstein Most often, career resumptions are bad. They’re vents to quicken the rise of “I can’t believe I used to like these guys” bile in the back of your throat, full of lackluster performances and tired songwriting as a bunch of can’t-grow-up dudes hit the state fair circuit in search of one more […]

  • Jon Anne Willow gives “A Little Respect”

    It was the late 80s, when black turtlenecks and mascara for all ruled the world. On one hot dance floor, two crazy kids find love and a little respect.

  • Evan Dando

    By Jeremy Saperstein Me, I always thought the idea of Evan Dando was a great one — a pretty-boy pop singer with the right influences, impeccable taste in covers and a band that friends were always telling me I should check out. I did, and aside from some truly great moments (the ramshackle video for […]

  • The Slightly Crunchy Dad

    By Lucky Tomaszek My husband loves our kids, and he loves being a dad. From the moment our first child was born, he was a changed man. He is as crunchy as I am, even if he doesn’t like to admit it. The funny thing is, he doesn’t look crunchy. Allen is a former Marine […]

  • Molly Johnson

    By Brian Barney Those familiar with Molly Johnson’s past remember her as the founder of the art-rock band Alta Moda from the early 80’s and as the lead singer for The Infidels in the early 90’s. Following the footsteps of fate has led her to what is most likely her true calling as one of […]

  • Why Should I Care About Clear Channel

    By Jessamyn West “Clear Channel Radio is positioned to exploit the synergies of scale in a way no other company can duplicate. We reach over 110-million listeners every week, across all 50 states and through nearly every format.”– Clear Channel Annual Report I like to listen to the radio. My old car has an old […]

  • Whirlwind Heat

    By Brian Barney The first big thing to come from Jack White’s (of The White Stripes) new label is a hot little art-rock trio called Whirlwind Heat. At first glance, Do Rabbits Wonder? looks pretentious with mod Warholesque art work and songs entitled by color: "Black," "Tan," "White," etc. After a spin or two though, […]

  • Get Ready for Pax Americana

    By John Hughes Is it far-fetched to believe there is a master blueprint for America’s future, a grand plan or design in the minds of our leaders? Conspiracy theories aside, there is, at least in international relations, the beginning of one, hailing from the (some would say “neo”) conservative end of the spectrum. Star wars, […]

  • Lucinda Williams

    By John Hughes The brilliant Ms. Williams, 50 year old alt-country chanteuse, angst goddess, poet and daredevil, has added nine great new songs to her legacy as one of the most underrated songwriters in a generation. World Without Tears was recorded live, and the results are incandescent. Never before has Lucinda sounded so raw and […]

  • Borrower Beware

    By Bethany Sanchez PART TWO OF A TWO-PART SERIES In the first of this two-part series, last month’s installment on predatory lending described how Mrs. Green, a 72-year old Milwaukee widow got trapped into a high-cost loan offered to her by real estate “professionals” who were engaging in illegal activities. This month, we’ll talk about […]