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Transit Center Tower Demolition

Five-story clock tower knocked down to make way for 44-floor apartment tower.

By - Jan 8th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Five-story clock tower knocked down to make way for 44-floor apartment tower. Back to the full article.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Transit Center Tower Demolition”

  1. Rail Fan says:

    Thanks Jeramy for braving the chilly weather to capture the demolition of the transit center clock tower. Can you share with your readers the type of camera and lens you used to take the images? You did an excellent job of photographing the steps involved in the demolition of the clock tower and must have spent a lot of time on site.

    I wish the developer and architect of the apartment high rise and adjacent park will include a clock tower and art installation with photo images of the former Northwestern Railroad Depot in their design to at least in someway preserve the history of the site and educate younger folks about the importance of historic preservation. Perhaps they can partner with a local university art department on this aspect of the development. As the City of Milwaukee reviews plans it should work to insure this happens.

    Years ago when I visited Tokyo, Japan I viewed art installations that included photographs of what the Ginza looked like prior to World War II bombing raids. It really helped to orient me on my afternoon stroll down the Ginza and gave me an appreciation for the loss of historic architecture and human life.

  2. Bob Pietrykowski says:

    Liked the the dramatic photos of the Transit Center and Clock Tower’s demolition.

    Am disappointed, however, that there was no mention or photo of the major donor for the Clock Tower’s construction, the late Harry Franke. Mr. Franke was well known and is remembered still in Milwaukee for his leadership, poetry, and generosity. A quick Web search shows a Greater Milwaukee Foundation photo of Mr. Franke standing next to the Clock Tower twenty-five years ago.

  3. Jeramey Jannene says:

    @Rail Fan – A Canon Digital Rebel XTI with a Tamron 18-200 lens. Nothing super fancy.

    @Bob – That’s on a different building, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum. Located slightly to the north (and nearer the exact site of the depot).

  4. Bob Pietrykowski says:

    Thank you for the correction. I learned last night of my mistake and was returning here to correct and apologize.

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