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Saving Old Main

Finally, some long overdue repairs to one of America’s most endangered historic places.

By - Sep 28th, 2012 05:11 pm
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Known as Old Main, the centerpiece of the Northwestern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers has been crumbling for decades now. During the winter of 2010 the roof collapsed, creating a hole that remained open to the weather and caused further damage to the building.

Finally, work has begun to save the building.  Crews are now laboring to stabilize the building and seal the roof.  For more information visit Save the Soldiers Home.  Photos by Save the Soldiers Home.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Saving Old Main”

  1. Chad Allen Johnson says:

    A big thanks owed to the folks with Save the Soldiers Home, the National Trust and the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance!

  2. Mike Loew says:

    Thank God the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Europeans didn’t treat their architecture like we too often do.

  3. Jason Wittek says:

    Good to hear!

  4. Luetaste says:


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