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Barack Obama rallies for re-election in Milwaukee

More than 18,000 people overflowed the BMO Harris Pavilion at the Summerfest grounds to rally for President Obama. See more than 50 new photos from the rally.

By - Sep 23rd, 2012 10:06 am
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More than 18,000 people gathered in Milwaukee’s Summerfest grounds and overflowed the BMO Harris Pavillion to rally for Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign. At one point the line of people waiting to get in stretched from the festival grounds to beyond the War Memorial.

The gates opened at 2:30, but the first speech didn’t begin until around 4:15 p.m. Among those speaking before the President were Mayor Tom Barrett, Senator Herb Kohl, and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.  The National Anthem was sung by the Vocal Jazz Choir from the Milwaukee High School of the Arts. Local band Vic & Gab played a set while the crowd was being seated.

President Obama took the stage and stated he was pleased to be back in Milwaukee, but joked about hopping the interstate back home to Chicago. He talked about his taste for brats, congratulated Green Bay on their last win, and stated that we’re Americans first versus Packers or Bears fans. After warming up the crowd, he moved on to more pertinent issues regarding the upcoming election.

The President was confident in his speech regarding the election. He powered through being rained on while motivating the crowd with his intentions to reclaim equal rights for the middle class and reform tax rates. He spoke about promoting renewable energy, equal education opportunities, and told the crowd to get out and vote instead of speaking ill of his opponent.

Lacy Landre‘s photo coverage of the event can be seen in our Flickr gallery:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Republicans are in the curious position of having to convince the country that it is in terrible shape, but it is not their fault. In fact, even though all the economic indicators are improving, Mitt has to argue that he could somehow do better, even though he would adopt the same terrible policies that W. did, which got us into this mess to begin with. But the Republicans can suspend belief on Taxes, Terrorism, Global Warming, Evolution, and a lot of other issues. So they are practiced in fairy tales, and some of them will believe it, but not enough to get Mitt elected.

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