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He said, She said – A (non-traditional) Wedding Story

By - Aug 18th, 2011 12:53 pm
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Kathy and Justin, an interesting pair.

Justin Shady never planned on getting married. Not because he was a serial playboy – quite the opposite, in fact. As he sees it, marriage as an institution deeply rooted in religion and government, two things he wants no part of. Kathy, his girlfriend of five years, shares his sentiment. For them, marriage is not essential to a lasting, committed relationship.

And so it comes as some surprise that this October, Justin and Kathy are tying the knot, as they say.

This week, I check in with Justin via telephone from Los Angeles to find out how this anti-establishment couple found themselves on the way to the altar, and Justin share the details of their very non-traditional wedding. Next week, I’ll talk to Kathy Bryja, the bride-to-be, to get her perspective on things.

Listen now:

He said, She said: A (non-traditional) Wedding Story


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