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Third Annual Great Milwaukee Garden Blitz

By - Mar 20th, 2011 12:22 pm
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The Blitz is a one day event, put on by The Victory Garden Initiative, aimed at installing as many new food-producing gardens as possible throughout the Milwaukee area.

Help The Victory Garden Initiative as we install as many gardens as they can throughout the Milwaukee area on Blitz Day! The Victory Garden Initiative need your enthusiasm, your shovels, and your vision for a nutritious, sustainable food system. Real change, one garden at a time.

They install garden beds throughout the day, then close the event with a Potluck to celebrate.

Register to volunteer: http://bit.ly/hdKf9i
Have a garden installed by volunteers: http://bit.ly/i2M3ie

The Victory Garden Initiative said ‘This is a grassroots movement. Move grass. Grow food.’, now let’s put our shovels where our mouths are. We are planning a city-wide Victory Garden Blitz, where we will combine our Grassroots Victory Gardening efforts with Memorial Weekend camping, pot-lucking and celebrating.

On Memorial Weekend The Victory Garden Initiative, and many, many other partners will be installing permaculture victory gardens throughout our great city to build community resilience, localize and secure our food source, reduce the use of fossil fuels, help our neighbors in a poor economy, and grow nutritious, delicious foods. The Victory Garden Initiative needs your help, your yard, your donations, your hook-ups, your stamina, your knowledge of growing veggies, your desire to learn, your shovels, your energy, your enthusiasm, and your spiritual presence to make this event great. There are many ways to get involved.

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