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Put a ring on it

By - Mar 12th, 2011 04:00 am
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Rings are my all-time favorite accessory. Not just any ring, of course, but big, bright, beautiful, interesting rings. They come in many finishes and styles. Rings are my signature and I love them because they allow me to add a funky touch to whatever I’m wearing. I have one I’ve aptly named “Definitely Not a Monday.” It’s a huge globe ring adorned with rhinestones. I wear it on Mondays to help me get through my favorite work day. I choose my daily ring based on my outfit color or mood and giving them crazy names makes it even better.

Fashion rings are everywhere. Browse the latest fashion or celebrity magazines and you’re sure to see an abundance of them. And, if you’re an American Idol fan, you’ve probablynoticed Jennifer Lopez’ awesomely-gorgeous rings or Glee’s Santana sporting a humongous ring or two. It seems the bigger the better! The best thing? The latest fashion rings don’t have to break your budget!

Here are some of my favs at the moment. Hope you enjoy them!

Have a thing for Barbies? Look no further, this line of jewelry from Margaux Lange can let you relive your youth in a fashionable way. Yes, strange and somewhat disturbing, but these are sure to add some originality to your look. Besides rings, Margaux Lange has an awesome array of necklaces and earrings to match. One question remains though… what happened to Ken?

Are you a foodie? Love cupcakes? Animals? Dogs, especially? Check out these rings from Betsey Johnson. Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer known for her fun whimsical designs and is often known for over the top, embellished style. She has a great line of apparel and accessories. My favorite ring of hers is the cupcake stash ring. Bold and unique with a small compartment that opens up to feature a little mouse charm! Some other awesome rings from her collection are her Paris Dog Ring and Sunglasses double finger ring.

Double and triple finger rings are at the top of my list. These seem to always start conversation, and people often ask “is that comfortable?” The answer is yes! Multi-finger rings are actually a great fashion statement and are more widely available than you think. Ariella is one of my favorite lines and particularly the Metal 2-finger ring. Two-finger rings are available with phrases, can be customized with names and are available in modern or glitzy styles.

I’m an avid snow globe collector. To my delight you can get them as a ring! Glam Globes offer snowglobe rings that are customizable. Print out your own picture or design and change up your ring easily. What a concept! Maybe it’s just me and my crazy fascination with sparkly globe wonders, but I think these are fabulous!

For you girly gals out there, try a flower ring. As spring is approaching, you can find great options at your nearest department store. Kenneth Jay Lane is well known for his flower rings. We’ve seen a lot of celebrities showing off these floral beauties, including the wonderful Sex in the City ladies. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Beautiful, bold colors in ceramic finishes, and glitzy, blinged-out versions. Whether you’re a wall flower, moon flower or princess, there’s destined to be a flower ring for you! .

My all time fave and hope to own soon is… Kate Spade’s “Belle of the Ball”. This one just makes me ooh and aaah. Sparkle, bling, glam, glitter. All great words that sum up my addiction with bling and rings! Now who wouldn’t want this? “A little big”, you say? Naw. Big & bold is better. Plus… if you’re in a dancing mood, just turn on your fav tune, shine a light on it and dance away.

For more ring ideas, check out these great sources:

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