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Spring into style

By - Feb 26th, 2011 04:00 am
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Last month, I talked about the trends to avoid in 2011. Now that you know what not to wear, here are a few of my favorite runway-inspired items to incorporate into a spring wardrobe. First tip: color, color, color! This applies to men and women – break out of the drab neutrals that become a mainstay during the colder months, and opt instead for bold, cheery tones to liven up your life this spring. Whatever your favorite color, if it’s bright, it’ll do you right. Just remember to have fun, but don’t mix more than two bright colors at one time — unless you’re under the age of 25, you’ll look like a clown.

Sure, it’s cold now, but the blooming season isn’t far off. Get hip to these trends now and you’ll meet the sunshine in style.


From Fashion Week: Poland. Photo by Lukasz Szelag/Moda Forte.

Flared Jeans– are now on trend, which is a relief from the skinny pants that have been so popular.

Motorcycle Jackets– As we know, these been in style for at least 50 years. This spring, they’re especially hot. You can save some money by getting out one you’ve had in the closet for a while. If you don’t have one or just want an excuse for a new one, you can look for one in softleather (more comfortable). You’ll look and feel great.

Linen-If you love to iron, this is the look for you. There’s nothing like a crisp linen shirt and pants, with the important word being “crisp.” Unless you want the sloppy look, keep it ironed. Try a colored t-shirt underneath of an open linen shirt for a more casual look.

Meggings– Not for the faint of heart. Although I’m not usually a fan of this look, on the runway they were shown worn under long shorts, and actually gave the the ensemble a nice edge. If you’re going to wear meggings, go for this sort of layered option. Dress it up with cuffed Bermudas, a nice t-shirt and a fun jacket.

Military inspired- Another trend that’s been in vogue for several seasons, and is still in hot demand for men. This goes beyond jackets to include other garments that have a military look such as shirts, and even pants (think camouflage). For spring, stick to light-weight fabrics or you’ll be sweating like you’re on an all-day hike.


Wide Leg TrousersThese look great on just about any body type. They’re especially attractive on voluptuous women. The eye sees a

From the Bensoni Spring 2011 collection. Photo: Frazer Harrison

straight, long line instead of focusing on your hips. Wear a shorter jacket with these or you’ll look too bulky.

Über-Feminine Full Skirts- Especially those with gathers, to give more volume. If extra volume isn’t your thing, you may want to find ones without as many gathers or pleats. This is a great look for any occasion — including work! Just remember pair with a shorter jacket or top, otherwise all of the fabric will overwhelm you.

Long Skirts– Comfortable yet stylish. No worries about bending over or kicking up your heels. If you’re petite, opt for a more fitted skirt — you don’t want both volume and length.

Lace– The trend that keeps on giving. Lace is hot for spring and will in vogue for fall as well, so if you see a piece you really love, get it because you’ll be able to wear it many times. Lace is seen in everything from tops to skirts to even shoes. However, it needs to be worn over another layer. Even if you’re a Material Girl, don’t show everything you own.

Platform flats – I know, I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, but these are all the rage for spring . Be careful when selecting them because if they are too thick, you’ll end up Herman Munster shoes — definitely not a look you want.

**Cover image from the Zinaida Likhacheva Spring 2011 collection. Photo courtesy Lviv Fashion Week via

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