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BzyBodies cassette release at the Borg Ward Collective, 7/15

By - Jul 14th, 2010 11:36 pm
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BzyBodies, courtesy the band

In the year since their inception, BzyBodies have fast become one of the best and most well-liked bands in the Milwaukee underground rock scene. The band features an all-star lineup–including all the members of post-punk basement favorites Pigs on Ice (excepting Fan-Belt’s own Brian Whitney, who plays in White Problems), two of the dudes from my personal favorite local band, Cartilage Party, and a guy from kraut-worshippers All Creatures thrown in for good measure. Playing grooved-out, bass-driven, synth-heavy psych rock heavily informed by Can and Neu, BzyBodies also put on one of the best goddamn live shows I’ve seen in a long time. Frontman Joe Peterson cultivates a violent persona while sing-talking over the songs, coming off not unlike an especially pissed Mark E. Smith. In fact, Peterson has recently taken to swinging around one of the stage lights (you see, BzyBodies comes with a built-in light show–light operator Isaac Sherman [of Catacombz] is considered a bona fide member of the band); it is utterly captivating watching as the light passes within centimeters of the other members’ heads, but such is their trust in Peterson that they don’t even flinch (yet the danger is most assuredly completely real).

This Thursday, they celebrate the release of their long delayed full-length, playing at the Borg Ward with Manic Zamboni (do not miss these guys, seriously), Possible FathersStacian and the Twin Cities’ Whitesands/Badlands. Unfortunately, I’m unable to make the show, so I just hope somebody snags a tape for me.

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