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Drummers get more love?

By - Feb 2nd, 2010 09:44 pm
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chris demay

Of course, Chris DeMay isn’t a drummer anymore. The singer/songwriter — who just released a new EP, Bigger Than Small, on Bear Rifle Records — started out on a kit, but he leaves that to the professionals now.

Mark and Chris talk about the best drummers ever (Ringo Starr? Keith Moon? Shane Hochstetler of Call Me Lightning?), the Milwaukee music scene, past (jazz and blues in the ’40s; the Violent Femmes in the ’80s), present and future, and Mark plays cranky old man/devil’s advocate  on vinyl vs. mp3s.

Oh, and of course, they ask each other: which member of the band gets the most groupies?

What do YOU think? Listen to the podcast while you mull it over: Backstage with Chris DeMay

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NEXT WEEK: Mark starts a brand-new series on technology, inventors and other nerds.

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