Are you listening, Pixar? It’s Jeremy R. Scott

By - Sep 29th, 2009 11:27 pm
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Illustration from The Lava is a Floor by Jeremy R. Scott

Illustration from The Lava is a Floor by Jeremy R. Scott.

It’s not exactly derogatory to call him a cartoonist, but please: Jeremy R. Scott is an illustrator (but a human being first!).

Jeremy came to Milwaukee with the staff of the nationally distributed, now-defunct art and culture mag Tastes Like Chicken. We’ll be checking in with former TLC contributors throughout the month in this very special Backstage with Mark Metcalf series, in which the “stage” in question is the ink-smudged drafting tables and blear-inducing computer screens where graphic artists do their work.

Mark and Jeremy R. discuss going to an art school with no computers, the collaborative process, book-making and the illustrator’s dream (are you listening, Pixar?). You can learn more about his work and buy one of his books (we recommend The Lava is a Floor)at jeremyrscott.com.

Listen now! Backstage with Jeremy Scott

You can also subscribe to Backstage with Mark Metcalf through iTunes, which we highly recommend.

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