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The Globe East

By - Sep 3rd, 2009 11:16 am
The Etiquette takes on The Globe

The Etiquette takes on The Globe. Photos by Shari Solheim

I’ve been to Live on North Avenue exactly once. Nothing against the place; I just don’t happen to hang out on North Avenue very often. It was a pleasant enough bar — the drink special that night made the pitchers of Miller Lite pretty cheap. On the other hand, the special that night was Miller Effing Lite.

I sat with my friends, drinking my beer-flavored water and stared longingly at the back of the bar, musing aloud, “The stage I saw Poster Children play on used to be right there.

Rose Marshack, Poster Children’s bassist, documented that show in her online tour reports — one of a handful of times I’ve been lucky enough to be mentioned in them. When they played the room that now houses Live, it was known as the Globe East, and in its day was the home of some of the best rock shows in the city. “The club in Milwaukee is really beautiful,” Rose said back then. “The floor is that tile that you find in New York City bathrooms, and it has green Christmas lights. The basement smells like people have been peeing in the corners, that sort of New Yorky smell. Fliers all over the place.” It’s funny to read an old writeup like that of a show I attended — I embarrassingly discovered how much I forgot about that night. It was in 2002, not 2000? Oh! How about that. What, it was snowing? Oh, maybe that’s why I only remember the club being half-full.

“DJ, a fan from the pkids list (their old email listserv), was at the show and had to drive about 6 hours for it. I worry now when I see displaced fans at these shows where it’s freezing out; I’m terrified something will happen to them on the way home. Please drive carefully if you’re driving a long way to our shows!”

I haven’t forgotten all of my experiences at the Globe, although I’m sure a natural-born Milwaukeean would have lots more to tell. When it was open, I wasn’t even a full-time Milwaukee resident yet — I didn’t relocate until August 2002. I was still driving down to Beer City from Overallsburg (aka Oshkosh) on the weekends to visit my girlfriend. I was used to traveling to do something interesting, though, having spent years driving to the Concert Café in Green Bay, the closest place to Oshkosh where anything cool was happening.

The Concert Café was Green Bay’s all-ages venue; a place that only existed to put on shows for kids too young to drink. It was a labor of love that finally crumbled under its own expense in 2001. In many ways, The Globe was Milwaukee’s version of the Café, willing to entertain the local youth with all-ages shows at what was likely no profit for the venue whatsoever. At the time, when I’d attend a Globe show, I’d be put off at what I felt was a condescending attitude toward the kids. It was like they were doing them a favor and felt that they should be happy, even though they were getting rapidly kicked-out after the last band played so they could plug in the beer lines and make some real money. Now that I’m older, though, I realize that the Café spoiled me, and that The Globe really was doing those kids a favor, and they should have been grateful. I’m sure they are.

The shows I saw there were on a par with what I saw in Green Bay in the ’90s (and I saw some amazing bands in Green Bay in the ’90s — a time when many bands skipped Milwaukee in favor of GB). Take THAT, Cream City!  Eric Bachmann’s Crooked Fingers opened a show with three acoustic songs played on the floor surrounded by fans. Several Dismemberment Plan shows. The pAper chAse on their second full-length. And, this was all in about a two-year span. I can only imagine what other folk remember from the ’90s. (Feel free to leave your memories in the comments.)

My band had the honor and privilege of gracing the Globe’s stage on two occasions. The first time, we were invited down from Oshkosh to open for The Faint and Har Mar Superstar. The kids at the front of the stage loved us; the people in back thought we sounded like crap. I’m guessing either the PA was mixed poorly that night or we were loud enough on stage to mask our shortcomings up front. Either way, it was the first night we sold our debut CD, Ones and Zeroes, complete with an 8-track cassette run of three copies  —two of which I believe we moved that night. (I think eventually that release was certified plastic, or whatever the RIAA designation is for “1,000 copies either sold, traded, given away or stolen.”)

Our second show at the Globe was less notable and more notable all at once. It was your routine all-local night with not many people in attendance. For some reason we sat outside after our performance and joked that, since no one showed up, it’d be hilarious to start a rumor that we had gotten into an altercation with the Globe’s staff and accidentally set the place on fire. A friend of ours who was in attendance that night decided to do us one better and actually start the rumor, saying that we were forcibly removed from stage because of our volume and, during the fracas, our guitarist’s amp caught fire and burned the place to the ground. It was a hilarious story until the promoter called our friend and informed him that people were returning advance tickets to upcoming shows and demanding refunds. Oops! The older, wiser me wants to sound contrite and say it was stupid of us to go along with our friend’s story, but on the other hand, the story’s highlights involved me sustaining “fourth-degree burns” and us being kicked off the stage during a cover of RUN-DMC’s “My Adidas,” which we have never even tried to learn, so you know what? Anyone who bought that ridiculous story deserved to be fooled. Kaufmanesque we were not.

Apparently, shows still happen occasionally at 2028 E. North Ave, but according to a 2007 show recap from King’s Horses, getting yelled at for excessive volume is a real thing there now. Too bad — all joking aside, I really doubt that would have ever happened at The Globe.

The changeover happened in 2003, not long after we invaded Iraq. The owner of the bar decided to go back to school, and no one stepped up to take over. Thus, the era of The Globe East met its end. But it was a punk-rock ending, to be sure — in the week after a certain “rival” rock club “allegedly” called the cops on a Cursive show and had it shut down (the venue apparently had forgotten to get its all-ages permit for the evening), the Globe extended one, last middle finger at the world before riding off into the sunset: “Screw Iraq—Bomb Shank Hall.”

I’ve only been there once, but for some reason, I doubt the current management would do something that ballsy.

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17 thoughts on “We Knew it When: The Globe East”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stirs up a lot of memories. Great tribute – miss that place! Totally forgot about the “Screw Iraq” thing on the marquis. Fucking brilliant. Good times, good times.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great piece, DJ! Dammit, I miss the Globe East. I had some great times there. I really didn’t understand at the time how lucky I was to have an all-ages venue like that to see some amazing shows. I remember griping about how Mark would sit at the door and not let us go out to buy smokes at the gas station across the street (What a jerk for doing what he had to do to keep that place going for us, right?!) and how they would sweep the kids out after the all-ages shows like we were big pests (which we were!).

  3. Anonymous says:


    A great place. I miss it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I went to a lot of all-ages shows at the Globe back in the day. You pointed out one of my favorite Milwaukee music memories ever – when Eric Bachman and a huge upright bass got down from the stage and played on that memorable tile floor surrounded by the reverent crowd, which stepped aside to make room for the bow on the bass to move back and forth. It was gorgeous, and uniting, and only possible in a very small club. Thanks for bringing back these memories! I have never been in the new place, and music in general has never sounded as good as it did when I was a Milwaukee teen. I hope the teens of today still get all-ages show opportunities in Brewtown like we did then.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Interesting take on a venue that was actually in its “hey day” in the mid to late 90’s. BEFORE Leah was just handed the place to drive into the ground by her on again off again BF, the ORIGINAL owner, IAN…Once EMMETT left (promoter/sole booking agent/facility manager/bartender/barback/janitor/DJ/MCee for about the first four years), IAN tried to keep the hype going for awhile , but I beleive he bored of it and needed a break…EMMETT did a lot more than even HE believed…he soon handed it over to LEAH and spent his time in West Allis at THE GLOBE WEST (which years later he would partner up again with EMMETT to create the legendary, yet short-lived venue, the first of two ROCK SHOP’s-again EMMETTS vision) where the rock was meatier and ROCK WAS ROCK (good for IAN)…You can believe the reason THE GLOBE EAST closed was because LEAH was “going back to school” if you like. Sounds nice, and I heard she DID go to school, but reality is the only shows that left any good marks for the place once she “took over” were the ones MARK SOLHIEM promoted, the “ALL AGES SHOWS” (which , incidently, were GREAT for that scene…emo was just coming out, SKA had become a kiddie mainstay, but face facts…$8 a head x 300 kids =$2400 MINUS $2-300 PA DIVIDED by 2: the club got $1000 and the promoter got $1000-which he then paid the bands with and kept his share…well, lets just say THIS EXAMPLE was a few and far between representation of how well they would do with those shows on average…imagine instaed 125 kids paying $5 = $625 MINUS PA = $325 DIVIDED in HALF so the globe got 162 and the promoter got 162-not very much divided by 4 or sometime 6 bands…then the promoter? what does he make…The club got 162 bucks to open up for 4 hours on a Saturday, paid a dew people, not to mention the advertising, utilities, and the outright RISK invilved with having children and teens in you venue which also holds a Liquor License) BASICALLY, NOT profitable and certainly NOT paying the bills. The writer here ripped on these shows back at that time not realizing in his own ignorant youth the task and risks involved with shows like these, which could explain why most are at legion halls and basements… They made NO MONEY on those shows and the drinking shows tanked 90% of the time. Had they tied the all-ages in with the drinking shows, continued building new fans who would one day drink—oh, yes and they DID!! The whole BENJAMINS, RESPONSE, PROMISE RING scene launced from there!! YAY, something good, I guess, but those emo/mod-punk, screamo pseudo rockstar wannabes didnt really party like the rockstars who came before them in that location…its the truth…a bunch of wussies, basically. The Etiquette and bands of that ilk didnt spend money and drink and put money in the till at a time when it was needed the WORST while the Globe declined ever so steadily and gradually….REALITY is that after a few years of fiscal downfall, dilapidation of the venue with no repair, borrowing funds from suprising sources just to pay the bills and to buy limited inventory to stay afloat, eventually the walls were closing in on the business.
    Now if you REALLY want to talk about The Globe, go back to the beginning roots of the place BEFORE Leah, BEFORE Mark Solhiem, BEFORE Ian had enough and just wanted out…times BEFORE when another individual ran the place for IAN…in fact, IAN and BRIAN EMMETT (AKA DjB) were an incredible team. Ian being the money guy who kept the financial machine lubricated and kept EMMETT grounded, and EMMETT who was a LOCAL MUSIC VISIONARY. The guy that turned an average rock venue into a SCENE. The home of what was soon to become a burdgeoning Live Music Scene in Milwaukee…FS CAMELS, NERVE TWINS, LITTLE BLUE CRUNCHY THINGS, ERIC BENIGN and BLUE IN THE FACE, CITIZEN KING, TRUE HEART SUSIE, FECK, MISS TRIXIE (RIP JEANINE!), BLUE SUNSHINE, THE PROBERS, BLEED, ARC OF DECENT, WHITE FEAR CHAIN, MOLOKO SHIVERS, BIG BANG THEORY, PSYCHEDELICASI, FUCKFACE, BLARNEY CASTLE, POVLOVS DOG, BIG MOTHER GIG, CAPSTONE, APEMAN, YELL LEADERS,PET ENGINE, D-MINUS, JUNK FOOD, DROP FORGE, MORPHEUS SISTER, BLISTER, PNEUMATIC, BENDER, YOU’RE PRETTY, POWERSHRINE, THE INVADERS,SPIRAL TRANCE, BANANA long live banana)just to name a FEW, in MANY different genres,of the early years local bands who made an impact on the scene at the time.Bands that would put 300 drinking-age adults in the place without batting an eye and ALL go on to future success within those bands and/or sometimes their next group..SHOWS that would be the best 3-band bills that TODAY people look back dumbfounded!! This list is incomplete because memory SUCKS!! DRINKING SHOWS with covers where the bands made thousands (in the 90’s, people) and THE GLOBE made a PROFIT (that stopped shortly after LEAH took over)!! SOIL, VERVE PIPE, DISTURBED, THE GUFFS, THE BODEANS, PAT McCURDY, NO DOUBT, BIOHAZARD, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, ONYX, LAST CRACK, ICED EARTH,FLAW, STAIND, BOLT UPRIGHT, and countless other bands that would one day go on to be industry leaders on the NATIONAL scene. Emmett was responsible for so many historical, legendary events and shows during his 4 year tenure at THE GLOBE that if you talk to the people in the know, the music industry insiders who now helm the tops of many of the areas music industry posts, Musicians whose humble beginings have now led to huge success within the business with either their bands , or as road and studio musicians, you will hear countless accolades to the LOCAL GURU EMMETTS true place as the guy that put THE GLOBE on the map thus allowing others to follow and ride a wave for a few years after his departure despite their ineptitude and inability to replicate his vision for Milwaukee’s Local Scene. Besides SOLHIEM’s efforts with the ALL-AGES attack during the last few years of the 90’s and the first few years of 2000, MOST of the nightime shows were a disapointment to what had taken EMMETT AND IAN the first four years to create.
    Even in the early 2000’s when LEAH gave EMMETT a MONDAY night (she, too, knew that he would bring MONEY into her club with his unique ability to imagine, create , and develop a new night that would become something more that just that) to develop and promote, the shittiest night of the week where he started ANOTHER spark that created and aided the rise and rebirth of a new METAL movement in Milwaukee. HEAVY MONDAYZ brought the heavier side of rock. WHITE KNUCKLE TRIP, MAD CAMPERS, CHARLIE PORN, Shawn Paige from WINGS of SCARLETS first band (name escapes me, but bad ass band), DEFACIT, STITCH, JAB, NAYTCH, REBEL WITHOUT APPLAUSE,ONE BODY TOO MANY, PLUG UGLY, THE GOODYEAR PIMPS, LEE HARVEY OSWALD, DECAPITADO,
    HE brought THE RACK to Milwaukee. An event that was continued, even after his departure, and done reclassly quarterly due to the event being one of the clubs highest atended and grossing nights…of course, they burnt it out due to greed and it gradually became less and less a spectacle and less profitable. TONY DUFFY as gone on to work with EMMETT again in recent years when EMMETT brought THE RACK back to Milwaukee in 2005 and 2006 at HeartBreakers where he was the manager. Promoted correctly and once again it was a huge success. Proof that if something is successful, DO NOT have it at your venue every 3 months and burn people out on it.
    EMMETT imagined, developed, NAMED, produced, and even performed in SPOOFFEST…another GLOBE mainstay which was an annual MONEY MAKER for the venue…HE came up with idea, promoted it the first few years, performed the fourth, and despite the importance of his role in it creation (which was done almost soley by himself), he gets little credit for his part in an event which was carried on with his permission by some friends (who have since taken responsibility for the idea themselves)…BEATALLICA was born out of SPOOFFEST…EMMETT did manage to wrangle the event back in 2003-2004 at his venue THE ROCK SHOP (which was co-owned by IAN, who had to hindsight opinion that EMMETT was MONEY and his vision meant success)…It is said that EMMETT doesnt care that SPOOFEST continues on without him, but says he would just like to see credit to him in the articles he reads every year before the event where others take responsibility for an idea, title, and event which has carried on for a dozen years…rarely does an event last this long.
    TUESDAY’S MILWAUKEE LOCAL MUSIC SHOWCASE NIGHT was HUGE!! 10 bands, free beer…and a host band monthly…Hosted by EMMETT it was ANOTHER huge success that lasted YEARS…COUNTLESS bands began their long musical careers in Milwaukee at the weekly event!!
    FESTIVAL OF FREAKS, DjB HARD LIKE YOU LIKE IT, The MILWAUKE MUSIC MECCA (which housed GUERRILA STUDIOS after CORNERSTONE burnt down, IAN and EMMETTS GIRTH ENTERTAINMENT, NIGHT SIGHTS AND SOUNDS MAGAZINE, and other great music related to music in a co-op type setting!)

    Actually, the list of EMMETTS accomplishments at THE GLOBE are to numerous and virtually COUNTLESS, but the bottom line is that this tory encompasses such a small frame of time reference which when you actually seek out the people who were there, talk to the successful people who saw: the JEFF HAMILTONS, PAUL KNEEVERS, BILL STACE, VIC THOMAS, MARILYN MEE, JACK KOSHICK, STEVE GULKE, BRIAN MILLER’s and so on of those days, the early years, they will tell you those were different times. A time when we had a scene again…bands supporting bands and actual FANS at the shows and a thriving DRINKING crowd…all-ages is GREAT, but 21+ pays the bills…keeps the club improving.
    In retrospect it would be impossible to detail everything EMMETT has done SINCE the globe…he has continued to support, nurture, and build on the scene , always making local bands a priority. Guys like Solhiem, honestly, in the end, are looking for the payday…hence: his new job today…do your research people. Don’t put some ill-informed musician who admittedly spent less time in the globe than my grandmother. A musician I am guessing whose band has never drawn more that 40 people to this day (who gives ashit if you wanna believe that ALL the people are there to see YOU..they are there for the other two bands, NOT yours, guy…lol..a guy who forgot about the whole story of THE GLOBE. Its beginnings-the sweat and vomit that went into making it a household name in our area. It certainly wasnt LEAH, or MARK for that matter. The credit belongs to IAN, and of courseeven more so to an extent, his visionary and workhorse, EMMETT.

    2000 was a shit year at that club…although, I did see MASTADON…thank you for that MARK.

    SINCERELY trying to set the record STRAIGHTER,

    Friend of a Freind of a Friend

  6. Anonymous says:

    AFTER reading your COMMENT on THE GLOBE EAST’S “hey-day” (though to BE honest I started SKIMMING after an hour and a HALF), I was reminded of THIS QUOTE:

    “MAD was at its best whenever you first started reading it.”
    – Sam Viviano, art director for MAD Magazine

    Or how ‘BOUT this ONE:

    “Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works. Anything that’s invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it. Anything invented after you’re thirty-five is against the natural order of things.”
    – Douglas Adams

    Enjoy your 30s,

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Matt…ummm. No. Your comment fell flat on this topic. I continued to go to The Globe throughout its entire run. I was there the last night. I was in bands that played there during Leahs tenure and ALL THE WHILE I was never any older than 31 at the end. I continue to support local music now and go to shows still and have watched other venues rise and fall. A couple collapsed under the weight of their own greatness. My MAIN point, I guess, is if you’re gonna write about something as significant as a venue that left a permanent mark on our Milwaukees scene, research. Or better yet, know what the hell you’re talking about. Say something significant about the topic. Hell, my first”comment” had a hell of a lot more information in it than the original writers “blog”and because of your mindless dribble, my 2nd post will fill in more gaps in alfred e neumans teeth (who uses a quote about Mad Magazine? a Focking nerd, that’s who)…go back and count how many times the guy who wrote the original piece even admits to being in the place. What a wanker.
    Truth be told, EMMETT is a very dear, old friend of mine who deserves much more credit as it pertains to not just THE GLOBE, but to the scene as a whole. Granted, there are many important, un-thanked supporters out there doing their thing everyday, but EMMETT did it better..hell, he’s still doing it. I bet he will have a new rock venue within a couple of years that will crush on so many different levels. WHAT are you saying , Matt? That just because someone is over 30, they don’t know what cool is? How shallow. Have you ever met EMMETT? Or Ian for that matter? Ian owns Liquor Sweets and continues to nurture the local scene. Hell, EMMETT did bands at HEARTBREAKERS, the strip club, for a couple years not too long ago. I saw The Mistreaters there on New Years Eve like 3 years ago…THAT was a fucking rock show!! Ya, and EMMETT made it happen..with strippers dancing on stage , to boot.
    Matt, don’t qoute some nerdy, acid taking writer from Great Britain and expect ANYONE to take you serious. That guy was fucking born in the 50’s and has no idea what it means to live a rock and roll lifestyle…bottom line: first years of THE GLOBE: Hardcore Rock Party during the time when bands, musicians, and fans ROCKED. The era discussed by our time challenged author? Emo boys in girly pants with white belts and eye-liner going to see The response open for the benjamins or was it the etiquette opening for the response, or maybe it was the benjamins, response, etiquette triple bill. Maybe they put ifihadahifi on the bill outta guilt cuz those guys are always at their shows? who knows. REGARDLESS, we have all seen that show before, and again, and once more because it got played out and quick…yawn. Lets not forget the owner at the time…you know, the one who didnt know one thing about rock, live music, the bar business, alchohol, budgeting, promoting…she pussy whipped IAN and ended up with a great possibility that was just sqaundered into nothingness. Its a fact, so you can try and put some twist on it by saying “hey, man, its just times changed and blah blah”, but I can assure you…I was there then, before, at the begining and at the end…I watched as it crashed and was ashamed that it had to go that route. What a waste. Look there now: people with money who don’t know what they are doing either…Leah had no money and no skills. the new owners are only a little better than her because they can afford to delay their inevitable failure with greenback bandaids…HEY GARY ( he’s the landlord, smarties), when the family that is running that train wreck LIVE finally cash in their chips, look up EMMETT. He’s the golden boy…the guy that can save our scene!! In closing, MATT, you are a moron. Your quotes were meaningless and trite and had no serious place in this discussion. I don’t believe you to be some intellectual because you quote some drugged out writer: HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY?? What a stupid book. Like your stupid quotes…no offense, Matt…the authors accusations that a”certain competitor” called the cops is another example of poor information gathering. THAT never happened. Lets just speak out here chicken shits. PETER JEST never considered LEAH or THE GLOBE EAST his competition. Face the facts people…look at SHANK HALLS monthly calendar for chripes sake. On top of that, PETE is still there. He was there before THE GLOBE and 10+ years after. The truth is , they spun the whole story back then in an effort for LEAH to not look pathetic and mindless. I heard she was on drugs. She was BROKE. STIFFING vendors, running her stock inventory dry. At one time towards the end, your choices for bottle beer were pretty limited. Even after sleeping with a pretty well-known National bands lead singer and shortly after borrowing a significant amount of money from him (what a sucker you are Slammy Lamas) meant to “SAVE THE GLOBE”SAD, SAD, SAD. SHE closed THE GLOBE. She KILLED your hopes and dreams. Leah is the reason our home for local live music was bled dry and choked dead. She didnt even have enough respect for the owner of the building to make sure his place wasnt destroyed. She took her drunk ass home and left dozens of idiot drunks in ther the last night who ultimately did THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars of damage to the inside of the venue. THAT is the epitomy of her time “in charge” of our cherished venue…Not only did she have no taste or vision which showed in her direction of entertainment, she really didnt give a shit…Musicians, Fans of live music: we all cared very much, sometimes too much…she just wanted to take the money out of the place. PERIOD. She bled it dry and stiffed all the creditors. Ask the landlord. ask WE Energies, hell, I can give you a list of bands who got stiffed the last few weeks…she knew what she was doing: taking all she could and then bailing. How about a story on all of these facts? not some babble by some guy who thinks hes cool, but has no clue what cool is…or his buddy, matt who came to his defense? Ya…he’s cool…he quotes Douglas Adams for crying out loud. I read that lame book when I was in 6th grade. yaaaay. Later ignorant pontificating pussys. Pete wentz wants his shirt and sunglasses back.

  8. Anonymous says:

    PS hey matt, on your next reply refrain from trying to show your smarts and dont just use a paragraphs worth of lame quotes from a book that only your feeble mind sees any relationship to my comments or this thread as a whole. You admit your attention span warrants a prescription of ridalin or adderall making it impossible for you to absorb the strength in MY words and genuine reflections of the venue we both were obviously very fond of. I hope you can figure it out now that I know much more than YOU, the original author , or probably anyone on this matter. I was there. Sometimes every single night for years. Now go lay down by your dish.

  9. Anonymous says:

    To realglobefacts: Hey DjB, is that you?

  10. Anonymous says:

    What is it about the internet that makes people afraid to use real names?

    “Just Wondering,” i doubt that “realglobefacts” is DjB, because he snuck in some not-so-subtle slam about my band not drawing a lot of people (because that’s the sort of thing that really hurts my feelings, i guess? Damn, i should be in a ska band!), and DjB was always a big supporter of us, booking us at the Rock Shop and Heartbreakers all the time. Nah, DjB seems to inspire some pretty fierce loyalty in his pals, which is cool, i guess. DjB’s a great guy.

    Hey, i said in the piece, “leave your own memories in the comments,” and Mr. Anonymous did. Thank you, Anonymous Person From the Internet!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I lived with Brian for a couple years back in the day, played in one of his bands, spend time at his house and drink his booze ( a few of us in his innermost circle have keys to his house), and even use his computer from time to time (only when he’s around now is what I was told today which will limit my porn surfing unfortunately) and yes, I am a fiercly loyal friend and fan of the guy and there are troops of us out there. He has a brotherhood of his own. A pseudo-gang of sorts. Gun-toting thugs who watch his back and make sure his immediate family and fiance are safe…may sound ridiculous, but haters flock to the guy..he gets death threats!
    I hung out at THE GLOBE all the time while he was there and even after. I watched it all. When the guy opened his own place, I supported him as much as I could. When his place burnt down, we helped him get back on his feet and looked out for his family. I even went to Heartbreakers to see bands when I could afford it. Look him up. He’s the general manager of Crazy Horse now and is doing very well. Stacking cash is what he tells me so that his return to the live music fold impacts Milwaukee like nothing else before. I wish him luck and encourage him constantly. The irony is when I spoke with him TODAY and told him about this forum, he asked me to stop bashing LEAH and her efforts in public. He wasn’t too pleased that I put it all out there like this, but I was intoxicated and hellbent on righting some wrongs, I guess. Sorry if I insulted anyone enough to ruin there day, but if I did, toughen up. I’m sure he will come by to see what I have done and I will be dealt with if he his unsatisfied.
    I really didn’t mean to turn this into a DjB issue. It was more an assesment of the authors negligence (in my opinion) in reporting the facts or even anything I felt relevant to the topic.
    Lastly, I don’t remember if I had seen Ifihadahifi, nor was my reference about drawing poorly connected to them. I did however figure out that DJ was in the band which is why I name checked them. Soley a jab due to my disatisfaction of your reporting in this case. Out of curiousity, have they played with the bands I mentioned? Besides, if Emmett booked you as often as you say, you must be good and he must like you on a personal level because Brian is straight forward. Boy, in trying to give my boy props and direct attention to the BEST days of THE GLOBE, I may have gotten myself in trouble. Sorry, B.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “Goff says the complaints go all the way back to the early 1990s, before she owned The Globe but was working at the club booking shows.”

    a qoute taken from an article at

    Leah never booked shows before she “owned” the club. Another example of how Emmett is always robbed of the credit due to him. She was only a horrible bartender moping about behind the bar for a little more than a year before the club was basically given to her to run.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I went to that link and read that,too. Just the fact that Goff would blatantly lie about booking shows at the place before Ian gave her the place (which was all just a front for him anyway, DUH) takes all credibility away from her. Ian and Brian were the winning team everytime. In fact, Ian made an error when he didn’t include him in his new place on 13th street.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ah the Globe, I knew ye well.

    My favorite memory: Seeing No Doubt when they toured for their self titled album. Gwen Stefani was a fucking vision (if you were a little skateboarding.punkrock.ska girl), the music was insanely entertaining. You couldn’t help but dance (I even danced on that stage more than once). Mustard Plug, Skankin’ Pickle, The Invaders, Less Than Jake, The Skatalites, The Pietasters, so many bands, ska, punk, metal, what have you…

    Plus so many of my friend’s bands played there (even in High School!), local Milwaukee bands, and lots of friendships were forged waiting for that door to open.

    I probably spent thousands of dollars on all ages shows there. I even broke a heart there once. The Globe goes down as the location of some of my fondest high school memories.

    I always remember that we called Shank Hall “Skank Hall.” Which ironically had nothing to do with a ska reference at the time.

  15. Anonymous says:

    […] newest/oldest music venue, the Hotel Foster.  Lots of Milwaukee music fans still remember The Globe East very fondly, and while we still miss that dingy hole and the amazing shows that went down there, […]

  16. Anonymous says:

    Beyond great mammories. Drop forge loved performing at The Globe, sometimes booking All Ages shows with Minneapolis band the Vibro Champs and Chicago’s Needle, and Hi Fi and the Road Burners and before that The Yesmen of Kenosha had great shows with Compound Red and Alligator Gun at the Boardwalk. Great memories of Midwest Punk before the hot topic, death of true Alternative music. What is commonplace now was a Labour of Love, (usually at little or no $$$) there was a thing called DIY, cool peeps know this, Old School, the ONLY SCHOOL…

  17. bigmothergig says:

    hey guys – big mother gig played here all the time. had their final show here in 1996. just launched a facebook page:

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