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IT Gallery

By - Nov 26th, 2008 07:49 pm
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IT Gallery

IT Gallery

IT Gallery, the latest art gallery to open in Milwaukee, is situated on the corner of Ogden and Jackson in the 601 Lofts building.  Started by the brother and sister team of Tom Pinkl and Shelly Hecht, IT Gallery features artifacts from Asia and West Africa that fit in an urban dweller’s residence.

The art work features a little something for everyone with prices that can match just about any budget.  The 1,000-square-feet gallery features the artifacts integrated into settings one would expect to find in a condo or apartment in Milwaukee.

This isn’t the first gallery for the brother and sister team, they opened their first gallery 16 years ago in Lake Geneva.  The gallery was located in Crystal Lake, Illinois that sold records as well as artifacts.  Tom, currently a resident of Crystal Lake, Illinois, at one time leased space on Michigan Ave in Chicago as an additional gallery.  In 2001, they opened their flagship gallery in Lake Geneva.

Pinkl, who procures the gallery’s inventory, spent time describing to us the effort he puts into finding the pieces, all of which are originals.  His experience as a chemical exporter allowed him to build long-term relationships with the local communities that create this art.

Tom and Shelly are soon to be neighbors to their new gallery, both have purchased condos in the soon-to-open Breakwater Condominiums.  Their decision to open their gallery in the 601 Lofts building was not a result of their decision to buy in the Breakwater, however.  They shopped around based on price and location, knowing that their target audience was condo owners.  They also had an interest in owning their location, which made the business condos in the 601 Lofts quite attractive.  Further helping their decision was the organic clustering with the next-door Shabahang & Sons Persian Carpets.

We’re pleased to see a new unique, business opening in Milwaukee that is not only committed to the city in terms of opening a store, but becoming residents of the city and neighborhood their business is in.

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