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Wisconsin Children’s Outdoor Heritage Resolution Passes Legislature

The legislature passed a bipartisan resolution recognizing the importance of children’s access to Wisconsin’s outdoor resources and activities.

By - Oct 23rd, 2015 09:08 am

MADISON – This week, the legislature passed a bipartisan resolution recognizing the importance of children’s access to Wisconsin’s outdoor resources and activities. Co-sponsored by Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) and Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac), the resolution encourages parents to take the time to explore Wisconsin’s outdoors with their children. Rep. Taylor issued the following statement about the resolution:

“Wisconsin has a rich and long standing commitment to its outdoor heritage. As technology has advanced, fewer children are taking advantage of the outdoor opportunities our great state has to offer. By passing this resolution, the legislature recognizes that the preservation of outdoor spaces is vital for our children’s health, quality of life, and readiness for future jobs opportunities.”

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Chris Taylor

Reps Taylor & Johnson Circulate Lead Testing Bill

LRB 4694 brings Wisconsin in line with CDC recommendations.

Chris Taylor

Rep. Taylor Proposes Updates to Officer-Involved Death Law

Measures will enhance independence, accountability

Chris Taylor

Attacking Planned Parenthood = Attacking Women

Make no mistake, when this legislature attacks PPWI, they are really attacking women’s ability to access life-saving health care...

Chris Taylor

Blank Checks OK for Campaign Donors, but not our Public School Children

“Since taking office, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans have cut $2 BILLION from our public schools, UW System and technical colleges...”

Chris Taylor

What You Didn’t Hear in GOP State of the State

Day after speech, Senate GOP to vote against Wisconsin women

Chris Taylor

State of Governor Walker’s Wisconsin: Low Wages and Stagnant Job Creation

“Tonight we heard Governor Walker’s plan for Divide and Conquer 2.0”

Chris Taylor

Public Hearing Held on Liquid Nicotine Safety Caps

Rep. Kerman & Rep. Taylor Joint Statement on Liquid Nicotine Safety Caps Bill

Chris Taylor

Rep. Taylor Praises President Obama’s Actions to Curb Gun Violence

"As I’ve said all along, if more guns made us safer, we would be the safest country in the world."

Chris Taylor

Rep. Gannon calls for a vigilante uprising

“Representative Gannon also makes a dangerous and misguided call for guns to be available on our college campuses.”

Chris Taylor

Bogus WPRI-funded Research Released

Researcher failed to disclose source of funding, included leading questions

Chris Taylor

Infant Safety Seat Legislation Passes Transportation Committee

Assembly Bill 400 is available to be scheduled for a vote before the full Assembly when they reconvene in January.

Chris Taylor

Hansen, Shankland and Taylor to Introduce WEDC Anti-Corporate Fraud Legislation

Legislation would create new felonies for corporate welfare fraud and WEDC specific fraud hotline

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