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Two cities, two albums; One Kickstarter project

Wooldridge Brothers try a unique twist on crowdfunding

By - Jun 20th, 2014 02:10 pm
"The Wooldridge Brothers are still a rock band," Scott said

“The Wooldridge Brothers are still a rock band,” Scott said

A new Kickstarter campaign will attempt to raise funds for two album projects in two different cities, as Scott Wooldridge and the group that he fronts with his brother Brian, the Wooldridge Brothers, team up in an effort to finish their separate album projects.

Scott is based in Minneapolis, but until 1998, lived in Milwaukee, where he and Brian led the Wooldridge Brothers, a successful Americana group. Although that act continues to record and perform live, Scott also performs regularly under his own name in the Twin Cities, with a lineup that allows him to feature a more acoustic sound when performing.

“The Wooldridge Brothers are still a rock band,” Scott said. “My solo stuff takes a more minimalist approach, and really tries to get down to the songs’ bones.”

The new Kickstarter project came together as Scott’s first-ever solo album neared completion at the same time the Wooldridge Brothers were making good progress on new recordings of their own. “It really just worked out this way,” Brian said. “There were a lot of ways that the two albums are linked, and our audiences are very similar, so we just thought we should go in together.”

Still, the combination of two albums into one Kickstarter campaign is unusual, if not unique. “I’ve seen a lot of Kickstarter campaigns, and I’ve never seen one that combines two albums,” Scott said. “I wasn’t sure they’d accept it. I kind of crossed my fingers when I submitted the project.”

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, funds are raised by asking fans for contributions. Backers then get rewards depending on the level of the donation. With this dual offering, fans can pre-order one or the other albums, or both (which has been the most popular option so far). The two projects come together with a special edition vinyl single that will feature a song from each album. “The single ties the ensemble together nicely,” joked Brian.

More information can be found at the campaign’s Kickstarter page. The deadline for becoming a backer is July 5, with the rewards going out starting in the fall. Scott’s solo album is scheduled for release in September, the Wooldridge Brothers album will come out in 2015.

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