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Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. July 20, 2015

By - Jul 20th, 2015 12:50 pm

Once again, the City of Milwaukee has experienced weekend violence in our neighborhoods. This past week I released a statement (attached) challenging the Barrett Administration to address the City of Milwaukee’s poverty rate, but it seemed that my voice fell on deaf ears. But since then, there have been several articles published in the Journal Sentinel on this topic of the direct correlation between poverty and crime, in particular violent criminal activity.

It is encouraging to see the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s willingness to step up to the plate and consider analyzing their funding priorities and targeting the issue of poverty in Milwaukee. And I am encouraged that there are now discussions on the rate of poverty in the City of Milwaukee (a rate that is unsustainable and that has had a direct impact on the criminal justice system) and its negative impact on the Black community. The discussions are finally taking place — better late than never.

And this past week, Bishop Burt of Greater New Birth Church, Bishop McClelland of Holy Cathedral COGIC, and Pastor Davis of Greater Mt. Sinai Church COGIC all had events that expressed prayer for the City of Milwaukee in their own strategic way.

But what I’m most encouraged about is that Archbishop Listecki has called for all who love Christ to come together for a Mass for Peace in our City. He has stated: “I don’t have a solution. Sometimes, the Church has failed in thinking we know all the answers. Even our own presence as a Church in this city has diminished over the past 20 years. At times, many felt like they were alone in their struggles. But I want you to know this: the Church stands with you, next to you, alongside you. As Archbishop, I pledge to be with you.”

Such words of comfort to me!

Father Tim Kitzke shared this with me in his statement: “Our hearts are breaking at the suffering faced by so many people because of violence, poverty, and joblessness.” It is with this inspiration that I request the City of Milwaukee to adopt a strong faith-based initiative that will address the issues of poverty and its impact in the Black community. Too many people are dying on our streets and the overwhelming majority are Black people. I will not be silenced and will continue to say it is a race issue, as the data confirms this.

So although I may express many thanks to all of these Men of God that I referred to in this statement, I thank God for listening and hearing my prayers.

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