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Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr. Expresses “Shock and Disappointment” at County Executive’s Remarks About African Americans

“What Was Chris Abele Thinking When He Addressed African American Concerns?” Mayo Asks

By - Oct 1st, 2015 03:25 pm

Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr. today expressed “shock and disappointment” at comments made by County Executive Chris Abele when Abele answered a question regarding his plan for dealing with problems in the African American community at his budget address.

“I was pleased that the County Executive took the time to answer questions from supervisors, although I am sure there were more questions than were allowed to be asked,” Mayo said. “It looked as though he might be willing to work with the Board.”

“But I was shocked and deeply disappointed when he answered a question about what he was doing for the African American community by saying he was putting more funding in the House of Correction, mental health, child support and social services.”

“What was the County Executive thinking when he delivered such an insensitive answer? The first thing he said was that he was increasing funding for the House of Correction. I was very offended. The County Executive needs to apologize for his remarks.”

Mayo called the County Executive “missing in action” when it came to addressing the needs of the African American community in Milwaukee County.

“What do social services and the House of Correction have to do with economic opportunities for African Americans?” Mayo said. “Give us a hand up, not a hand out.”

He added that social services benefit everyone in Milwaukee County, not just African Americans.

“Where did he get the idea that an increase in funding for social services benefited only African Americans?” Mayo said. “What was he thinking when he addressed African American concerns? He was clearly shooting from the hip when he should have given a more thoughtful answer.”

“The County Executive needs to look at the way he thinks about the African American community and deal with the real issues.”

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