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Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic Announces Grants for South Shore Park Improvements

In addition, South Shore Park is receiving a $100,000 grant from MMSD as part of the Signature Green Infrastructure Program.

By - Mar 24th, 2016 11:44 am

Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic announced today that the state of Wisconsin has approved an $838,000 Knowles-Nelson stewardship grant for improvements to beach water quality at South Shore Park that will enhance the beach and boat launch recreational activities.

“The South Shore Park renaissance is continuing,” said Dimitrijevic, who previously announced a $500,000 grant from MillerCoors park improvements and clean-up in 2014.

In addition, South Shore Park is receiving a $100,000 grant from MMSD as part of the Signature Green Infrastructure Program. This funding will focus on beach water quality improvement by reconstructing the parking lot, which is a key component to the South Shore master plan.

“During my 12 years representing the 4th District, we have seen millions in new funding from county, state, federal and private partners pour into South Shore Park. Our park and beach are a regional resource for everyone to use and I thank the state and MMSD for their continued investment in our neighborhood,” Dimitrijevic said.

“A new bike path, shoreline protection, enhancements to the pavilion, and the new South Shore Terrace have all added to the South Shore experience. Soon South Shore Beach will be revitalized and reopened for our families and future generations to enjoy as they once did in the past.”

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