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Supervisor Alexander Voices her Support for Lindsay Park

Launches Web Site “”

By - Nov 4th, 2013 12:07 pm

Last week the County Board’s Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee voted to strip funding for Lindsay Park out of the 2014 Budget. Under an amendment authored by Supervisors Khalif Rainey and Theodore Lipscomb, the funding was diverted to McGovern Park.

“The Committee’s choice to abandon one park for another in this way is disappointing,” Supervisor Alexander said. “Instead of playing politics I am working on a plan that will better meet the needs of our community by funding both parks.”

Alexander is also announcing a new web site designed to generate public support for Lindsay Park. That site is

Alexander said she supports both Lindsay and McGovern Parks, and plans to offer a compromise by funding both without raising taxes.

Supervisor Alexander also voiced her support in favor of keeping Noyes and Pulaski pools open. A proposal in the County Executive’s Recommended Budget would demolish both pools and replace them with a skate park and splash pad.

“Our parks and our pools are valuable community resources,” Alexander said. “I’ve talked with residents and evaluated the data, and we can provide these services to our neighbors and be fiscally responsible at the same time.”

Neighbors are also encouraged to speak out during the County Board’s annual Public Budget Hearing. That is today, Monday November 4, beginning at 4:00 pm on the 3rd Floor of the War Memorial Center. For more information about the hearing, click here.

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