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Statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin LGBT Caucus Chair On Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley

"I'm appalled by the hateful statements written by Justice Rebecca Bradley."

By - Mar 8th, 2016 11:36 am

MADISON – The following is the statement of Jamie Shiner, Democratic Party of Wisconsin LGBT Caucus Chair, on reports concerning the hate-filled statements written by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley:

“I’m appalled by the hateful statements written by Justice Rebecca Bradley. The views espoused in her writings are hateful, divisive, and have no place on the state’s highest court.

“I have zero confidence that Justice Bradley can serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court today or at any time in the future as a fair, impartial, and independent justice.

“The people of Wisconsin did not have a voice in placing Justice Bradley on the high court, as she was appointed last year for the third time by Gov. Scott Walker.

“Wisconsin citizens deserve better from judges on the Supreme Court. In light of these new revelations, Justice Bradley should resign from her post immediately.”

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