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Statement from Senator Chris Larson on the MPS Takeover Information Released by DPI

“One thing is clear after yesterday’s update, the misguided architects of this power grab have failed at their own game.”

By - Oct 16th, 2015 09:20 am

MADISON — The following is a statement of State Senator Chris Larson, ranking member of the Senate Committee on Education, on the release of information by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) regarding the proposed takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS).

“One thing is clear after yesterday’s update, the misguided architects of this power grab have failed at their own game. Unfortunately, our children are the ones who really continue to lose out while their education and opportunities are endangered by these careless actions.

“Like the disastrous Wisconsin Economic Develop Corporation (WEDC), the hastily devised plan to take over MPS is proving to be ill-conceived and modeled on failed experiments in other states. Walker, the GOP, and those bent on grabbing power, worked behind closed doors to rush through a proposal that moved us further towards profiteering and privatization of schools in Milwaukee. As we saw yesterday, in their haste they have forced takeover action based on old information and stale metrics.

“The MPS power grab and the historically bad funding cuts to public education are clear indications that there is a failure to value investing in our communities and kids. If we truly want to fix the problems in our schools, let’s start by doing what works. If those who schemed up this takeover really care about education, and not just politics, they will join me in pursuing legislation such as the Community Schools Act (Senate Bill 146), which would invest in the proven community schools model, the Student Equal Opportunity Act (Senate Bill 216), which would ensure schools are able to provide students with special needs with the services and supports they need, and the Fair Funding Act (LRB 3162), which ensures all of our kids are fairly invested in.

“The information released yesterday proves that pushing on with the takeover is like buying a Volkswagen and still believing their pollution promise.”

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