Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers
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State Superintendent Tony Evers Budget Reflects Additional Funding for Rural Schools

Evers proposed a number of items to help rural schools.

Madison — Earlier this month, news reports showed that the state will have additional funds in Wisconsin’s biennial budget. Evers is asking for the Governor to prioritize education in his budget proposal that will be rolled out on February 8th.

Evers Fair Funding for Our Future proposal benefits many rural districts in Wisconsin.

Evers proposed a number of items to help rural schools, including $10.4 million to reimburse high transportation costs, $5.5 million to help rural districts keep teachers and simply keep the lights on.

The following statement is from Tony Evers who is seeking his third term as State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

“Wisconsin’s rural schools are the anchor of their communities and serve many important functions that go above and beyond guaranteeing a great education. The state isn’t doing its part, and voters in rural Wisconsin are asked to support their local school district by raising their own taxes. Since 2014, 225 districts have gone to referendum, and so far another 43 will be on the ballot this spring. Many of these districts are rural, and while I celebrate that local communities are supporting their schools, this isn’t sustainable.”

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