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Speaker Vos Supports Ted Cruz for President

“While I am still very disappointed that Marco Rubio is no longer a choice in the race, I have decided to support Ted Cruz.”

By - Mar 25th, 2016 10:30 am

Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement:

“Wisconsin Republicans have a very important choice to make in the April 5th presidential primary.

“While I am still very disappointed that Marco Rubio is no longer a choice in the race, I have decided to support Ted Cruz.

“Beating Hillary Clinton should be the primary goal of every Republican voter who casts their ballot on April 5th.

“The only questions left for voters to consider are who can win the nomination and who can win the general election. Using those criteria, the choice is obvious – Senator Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz has the most viable chance to beat the Democratic nominee. I believe he has always been a principled voice for conservative values. I know he loves our country and as our President he will do everything he can to defend America and the constitution.

“Under President Barack Obama, our nation has gone seriously off-track. We need to rally around a leader who holds the conservative values our party has long espoused: economic opportunity for all, lower taxes, fewer government regulations, more personal freedom and a strong military.

“I expect to support the eventual Republican nominee, but today, I ask Wisconsin Republicans to join me in voting for Ted Cruz in the April primary.”

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One thought on “Speaker Vos Supports Ted Cruz for President”

  1. Thomas says:

    Dear Robin,

    You missed the mark with your endorsements of Rubio and Cruz because you missed the mark on what Obama has done. President Obama saved this country from the W manufactured worst recession since the Great Depression. Reactionary efforts to thwart Obama’s progressive agenda notwithstanding, Obama’s stimulus package brought us out of that recession in the first year his budget was in effect. 7 years of growth and many millions of citizens finally afforded health care later, many Republicans continue to carp about Obama’s alleged failures – despite evidence of successes – by pitching the old “Trickle Down” economic theory that has failed the working class and the middle class in this country for 30 years or more … (Do you remember when the working class was part of the middle class?)

    Robin, you are speaking from your lower extremities. Consider factual information before you speak, or shut up.


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