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Sen. Taylor Continues to Support Forestry and Agriculture

This motion, along with other proposals seeking worker training and protections, was rejected by the Republican majority on the Joint Finance Committee.

By - Jun 2nd, 2017 05:08 pm

(MADISON) – Because Wisconsin lost nearly 4,000 manufacturing jobs and saw a decrease in private sector wages in 2016, Senator Taylor (D-Milwaukee) introduced a motion to create a grant program in the Department of Natural Resources which would support instruction and training in forestry and agricultural practices. This motion, along with other proposals seeking worker training and protections, was rejected by the Republican majority on the Joint Finance Committee.

Senator Taylor offered the following remark:

“Unemployment in my district, in 53206, is the worst in the nation. My people need and expect and demand access and opportunity to manufacturing and industry jobs, which agriculture and forestry provide. It is a shame that based on nothing more than party lines, the Committee rejected this, especially in light of all the manufacturing jobs that were lost last year. Forestry and agriculture have been, and always will be, foundational to Wisconsin. We need to continue to support these practices.”

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2 thoughts on “Sen. Taylor Continues to Support Forestry and Agriculture”

  1. Jason says:

    This week in the Milwaukee County Courthouse the media listen to an emotional family angry how the police and the politicians did not do enough to protect a married women from her abusive husband. Having a fire arm in her hands against her aggressor would have save her life. If some one is violating you , your home or your property protect yourself don’t have fantasies of law enforcement coming to the rescue, their not coming until after you have been violated. Protect your family and yourself.

  2. Protect your family and yourself with a strong community. Know your neighbors. Stand with each other. Riverside Park was a dangerous place 20 years ago. Now it is a place for children of all ages to connect with each other and with nature. Planting trees together with your neighbors can bring healing in many ways that more guns do not- death is quick but it is not a solution. Having a job that plants trees, maintains them, and harvests the fruit from them builds a future that brings hope to families. Urban forestry is a need for our planet and our economic vitality. Thank you Senator Taylor for your vision of a better future. We plant trees for the future generations.

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