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Sen. Johnson’s Record of Failure on Infrastructure Speaks for Itself

Like a true Washington Insider, Johnson talks a lot about infrastructure, but his record tells a very different story

By - May 18th, 2016 11:04 am

MADISON – It’s election time, and Senator Johnson is holding a hearing in Washington to try and paper over his disastrous record when it comes to Wisconsin’s infrastructure. Senator Johnson and his ultra-conservative allies in the Senate, have consistently tried to cut funding for critical infrastructure; and it’s Wisconsinites that suffer. The State’s roads were just ranked the fourth worst in the nation, and motorists in Milwaukee and Madison spend on average more than $2,000 in car repairs annually because of crumbling infrastructure.

Like a true Washington Insider, Johnson talks a lot about infrastructure, but his record tells a very different story:

  • Johnson co-sponsored the Transportation Empowerment Act, which would have essentially scrapped the system of federal funding for roads.
  • In 2012, Johnson voted against authorizing more than $100 billion in transportation funding. The bill included $1.4 billion for Wisconsin and saved Appleton’s Valley Transit from a funding shortage.
  • In 2013, Johnson voted against a $54 billion transportation funding bill, which included $500 million to repair bridges, when Wisconsin had nearly 2,000 bridges in need of repair.
  • In 2013, Johnson voted against a $54 billion transportation funding bill, which included $12.6 billion for the FAA and would have eliminated funding for 149 air traffic control towers.
  • Johnson was one of only 8 Senators to oppose an FAA reauthorization bill that would save consumers money, modernize the air traffic control system, and set up guidelines to prevent taxpayer waste.

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Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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One thought on “Sen. Johnson’s Record of Failure on Infrastructure Speaks for Itself”

  1. Thomas says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that Ron Johnson has consistently voted against funding for infrastructure. He has been consistent in being against anything potentially beneficial to the general public. I thought about the senator that the Tea Party and the Koch brothers gave us in 2010 when I watched the classic film “Mr Smith Goes to Wahington” on public TV recently. Ron Johnson is no Jeff Smith. Whereas Senator Smith in the movie fought corrupt, self serving Washington D.C. power brokers to advance the interests of the people, Ron Johnson has ignored the needs of the people of WI and of the U.S.A. in order to carry water for the corrupt power brokers who helped him win an election.

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