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Sen. Johnson’s “Doing Nothing” strategy now official GOP position on SCOTUS hearings

Unfortunately for Ron Johnson, “doing nothing” while the nation’s highest court sits deadlocked won’t cut it.

By - Feb 23rd, 2016 12:32 pm

Well, so much for a game of Twister. Sen. Ron Johnson and Senate Republicans aren’t even going to pretend to do their jobs anymore when it comes to filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

After Johnson spent a week touting Donald Trump’s strategy of “delay, delay, delay” until President Obama leaves office, his Republican allies in the Senate have finally united in their obstructionism.

Mitch McConnell stood on the Senate floor today to announce that Republicans will “withhold” consent on any Obama nominee. It gets worse: not only are McConnell and Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley united in opposition to any potential nominee, Republican leadership is publicly against even holding hearings.

As CNN reports:

Emerging from a leadership meeting Monday evening, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican and member of the Judiciary Committee, flatly said “no” when asked if the Senate should convene hearings, saying voters in November should render the judgment.

Ironically, Johnson may get his wish after all. Come November, the American people and the people of Wisconsin will decide that they want leaders who actually do their jobs. Unfortunately for Ron Johnson, “doing nothing” while the nation’s highest court sits deadlocked won’t cut it.

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3 thoughts on “Sen. Johnson’s “Doing Nothing” strategy now official GOP position on SCOTUS hearings”

  1. blurondo says:

    It was only 16 years ago that election issues forced the Supreme Court to choose the next president. What if similar questions occur in November this year with a court of only eight justices?

  2. Vincent Hanna says:

    With Donald Trump being the likely GOP nominee, resulting in about 35% of the popular vote (and a drubbing in the electoral college), the chances of that happening are zero to none.

  3. Barb- West Bend says:

    Sen. Ron Johnson is up for reelection this year. He is one of the Senators demanding that President Obama not nominate anyone to the Court because he is in his last year of his term, Since Sen. Johnson is also in his last year of his term he, too, should refrain from taking any action in the Senate.

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