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Rep. Zepnick joins Mayor Barrett and neighborhood leaders to celebrate improved roads near National Ave., Layton Blvd., and S. 27th St.

Two projects possible through nearly $4 million secured by State Rep. Zepnick

By - Nov 19th, 2015 12:28 pm

MILWAUKEE, WI- State Rep. Josh Zepnick (D) joined Mayor Tom Barrett and local neighborhood leaders from the Historical Layton Boulevard Association ribbon cutting ceremonies that wrapped up major construction road projects in the 9th State Assembly District on Milwaukee’s South Side.

“Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Mayor Barrett, Historic Layton Boulevard Neighborhood Association, South Side businesses, and many other active citizens, I am proud to announce today that South Layton Boulevard with its streetscape improvements is one of the most beautiful thoroughfares in the City of Milwaukee, with historic Frank Lloyd Wright homes and wonderful economic and ethnic diversity…is now complete!” explained State Representative Zepnick.

Zepnick, now in his seventh term as a South Side state legislator in the Ninth Assembly district has S. 27th and Oklahoma at its geographic center. The $1.3 million Wisconsin DOT project started at Layton Boulevard near National Avenue and extends to S. 27th and Oklahoma Ave.

The Layton Boulevard project shows that with community involvement residents and businesses can help during the planning process and improve their area. The project included lighting improvements, bike path and pedestrian enhancements, which further enhance the historic identity of this road.

Another recent transportation project completed was S. 27th St. from the KK River going south to Layton Avenue. Also: “Route 27 of Milwaukee County Transit consistently ranks near the top in ridership numbers thousands and thousands of South Side residents depend on public transit in order to get to work, shop, go to the doctor, church or school. For many it’s a lifeline to freedom and mobility,” said Zepnick.

“Grant money for these projects as well as a number of other initiatives over the years like the W. National Ave. Streetscaping Enhancement Project, the Hank Aaron State Trail, the Mitchell Park Domes Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge to name a few were made possible by WI DOT grants that I am proud to have played a leadership role in securing.”

“Enhancements to local streets are key ingredients for a safe and healthy community. We are literally connecting city neighborhoods, with safe walking access to Miller Park, the Menomonee Valley, Hank Aaron State Trail, the Mitchell Park Domes and Layton Boulevard down through S. 27th Street”.

“These projects go a long way toward fulfilling my personal vision for truly integrating the great South Side neighborhoods where I grew up and continue to serve, and represent others through public service”.

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One thought on “Rep. Zepnick joins Mayor Barrett and neighborhood leaders to celebrate improved roads near National Ave., Layton Blvd., and S. 27th St.”

  1. Bob says:

    Pink, stamped concrete hardly seems worth the hassle, congestion, lack of safety – and total ridiculousness dealt with by residents and motorists for months and months while this project was going on. Often there would be signs saying ‘right lane closed’ – but – surprise! – it was actually the left lane that was closed. It sat and sat with nothing being done way too long, barricaded and causing traffic to be a total mess. Poorly executed, at best.

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