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Rep. Taylor statement on voucher petition drive

Democratic lawmakers delivered 16,809 petitions to Governor Scott Walker and state budget committee co-chairs.

By - May 22nd, 2013 02:30 pm

MADISON – Today, Democratic lawmakers delivered 16,809 petitions to Governor Scott Walker and state budget committee co-chairs, Senator Alberta Darling and Representative John Nygren. The petitions urge lawmakers to reject Governor Walker’s $94 million expansion in private school funding and invest those funds into Wisconsin’s public school classrooms. Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) collected nearly 2,000 signatures. Below is Taylor’s statement on the petition drive:

“If Governor Walker’s plan to expand this failed private school experiment on our kids to Madison is approved, our neighborhood schools will suffer. My constituents weighed in loud and clear; they don’t want their tax dollars spent on private, unaccountable voucher schools. Rather, we should be investing tax dollars in our neighborhood public schools.

“Approximately 870,000 kids rely on our public schools for a quality education, including my first-grade son. We shouldn’t abandon our investment in our neighborhood schools, which is what Governor Walker proposed when he attempted to increase private school vouchers by $1,414 while freezing spending for the average public school student.

“Governor Walker’s plan is irresponsible social and fiscal policy. I’m proud to join my Democratic colleagues in standing up for our public school children. Funding our public classrooms is the right investment for the future of our state.”

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