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Rep. Gwen Moore Praises Passage of Human Trafficking Legislation

“Victims of such abhorrent practices need allies in their corner, and I take pride in knowing Congress has finally decided to get into the fight.”

By - May 19th, 2015 05:55 pm

As the leading voice on the Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act (H.R. 159) and the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act (H.R. 1257), both of which were included in therecently passed Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (S. 178), Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04) issued the following statement:

“Most Americans tend to think of human trafficking as a foreign issue, as if our country were somehow immune to such horrific darkness. Unfortunately, these atrocities are taking place in our own backyards at alarming rates, and they’re happening to the most vulnerable among us. Needless to say, we cannot stand idly by while women and children are traded and sold like modern-day slaves. Victims of such abhorrent practices need allies in their corner, and I take pride in knowing Congress has finally decided to get into the fight.

“The passage of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (S. 178) is a lifeline for those who have fallen prey to domestic human traffickers. This bipartisan legislation will help provide new tools for law enforcement in their efforts to prosecute offenders and to ensure that victims are given an opportunity to step out of the shadows. As a staunch advocate for victims of trafficking and abuse, I look forward to President Obama signing this critical legislation into law.”

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Gwen Moore

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