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Rep. Chris Taylor applauds gay rights rulings

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued two rulings that will impact how states and our nation treat same-sex families.

By - Jun 26th, 2013 11:46 am

MADISON – Today, the United States Supreme Court issued two rulings that will impact how states and our nation treat same-sex families. The court issued pro-family rulings that struck down portions of the Defense of Marriage Act and effectively killed California’s discriminatory Proposition 8. As a result of the twin rulings, federal benefits will be extended to couples in states where same-sex marriage is legal and will result in California’s previous Marriage Equality Statute going into effect. In response, Rep. Chris Taylor issued the following statement:

“Fairness won out today when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of love and equality and against hate and discrimination. The more we discuss the issue of marriage equality in our nation, the more Americans come to understand that treating people differently based on who they love is simply wrong. Today, the Supreme Court began to codify what a majority of Americans already believe; that we should all be treated equally, regardless of who we love.

“While we should celebrate the court’s decision today, it is imperative that we remember that millions of Americans continue to be discriminated against based on who they love right here in Wisconsin and in states throughout our country. We must use these victories to continue to push for marriage equality in every state in our nation.”

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