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Rep. Brostoff Welcomes the Mexican Consulate to the 19th Assembly District

The Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee will provide a much-needed service to our community offering legal advice, passports, consular IDs, and voter registration cards.

By - Aug 30th, 2016 12:32 pm

MILWAUKEE – Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) welcomes the Mexican Consulate to the 19th Assembly District and emphasizes the importance of access to the services the Consulate provides.

The Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee will provide a much-needed service to our community offering legal advice, passports, consular IDs, and voter registration cards. They hope in the future to also provide community outreach, health care advice, education resources, financial programing, and more. The Consulate can serve up to 150 people each day and will also run a monthly mobile service to other selected cities in Wisconsin.

“The increasing diversity in Milwaukee, and across the state, means our communities gain access to broader perspectives, culture, knowledge, and more. Milwaukee is reliant on immigration for population growth, and having the Consulate helps demonstrate that we are an immigrant-friendly community,” Brostoff stated. “I am proud that Milwaukee was chosen to house the Mexican Consulate and thrilled that our valued Mexican-American neighbors now have this resource in their backyard.”

Between 2000 and 2010, immigration accounted for 47% of Milwaukee’s population growth which filled gaps in the local workforce, created jobs, and contributed to our community. Mexico is Wisconsin’s second largest export market totaling almost $3 billion annually and creating 120,000 jobs in Wisconsin. The Consulate promises to boost these economic ties.

“The Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee will have a tremendous positive impact on the state of Wisconsin. It is an honor to welcome it to the 19th Assembly District,” Brostoff concluded.

Representative Brostoff will attend a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Mexican Consulate on Tuesday, August 30th at 12:30 p.m.

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One thought on “Rep. Brostoff Welcomes the Mexican Consulate to the 19th Assembly District”

  1. Gary Rebholz says:

    This is kind of exciting for historic reasons!
    The experiences and needs of Milwaukee’s Mexican immigrant community mirrors Milwaukee’s German immigrant community of the 19th and early 20th centuries. There were several official consulate offices representating the different Germanic states before and after unification. Local bank offices and law offices also functioned in that capacity.

    The work cataloged and shelved at the Milwaukee Public Library (downtown) called “Milwaukee’s German Newspapers; an index of death notices and related items” covers the years when families in the German states used representatives in Milwaukee to locate their families in the area for family news, probate, and other purposes. The index was thoughtfully designed to be updated on a regular basis.

    If you looked today, you’d find that the MPL printed copy of the index is out-of-date. But the most current datafile it is based on includes ALL of the local German Consulate notifications published in the local German language press. Offices in other cities have also been compiled.

    The printed copy of “Milwaukee’s German Newspapers…” at MPL has not been updated for a couple of years due to concerns over data security and entitlement claims in the community. The legal protection of the Deed of Gift agreement that secured the work on the library shelves (Sept. 2008) is presumed to be open to interpretation by some library staff, oportunistic academics and career retirees.

    An update to the index that would include the local Milwaukee German Consulate data and the data from Consulte offices in other US cities is always possible. The index is not restricted from being published by the compiler by the Deed of Gift agreement.

    “Milwaukee’s German Newspapers; an index of death notices and related items” (1844-1950) / an ongoing, independent, protected project created, compiled and edited by Gary R. Rebholz.

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