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President Hamilton Supports MPS Black Lives Matter initiative and My Brother’s Keeper

Statement from Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton May 26, 2016

By - May 26th, 2016 04:01 pm

I am proud to support a Milwaukee Public Schools’ budget proposal intended to improve outcomes for minority students and disrupt what many believe is the school-to-prison pipeline. The measure – in the news in large part because of uninformed criticism leveled by conservative bloggers and talk radio pundits – has actually garnered strong support in the community.

The MPS initiative does not lend its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, but rather addresses some of the issues MPS students face on a continuing basis, such as institutional racism, poverty, inequities in education and some police practices. The reality is that MPS is composed of 80% black and brown students who face challenges that are unique to their daily experience in a city with hyper segregation and staggering poverty in too many neighborhoods. The MPS budget proposal begins to look at a new cultural studies curriculum designed to help these students, and one that would be implemented in as many as three schools in 2017.

I am joined by many others in the community who see the value of this proposal. For the last four years I have worked with MPS on a summer program called “Be the Change” which has delivered successful outcomes for male African American students. In addition, I believe restorative and culturally responsive education will also improve our teachers’ ability to develop solutions to challenges faced by our youth in the City of Milwaukee.

In my opinion, an initiative that I am deeply involved in — President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program — is also incredibly helpful for students who live in the City of Milwaukee.

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Ashanti Hamilton

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Ashanti Hamilton

300+ Strong Movement to host 2nd Annual Community Rally at Sherman Park

The free 300+ Strong Movement Rally – hosted by a collective of grassroots and youth serving organizations – will take place Saturday (September 10) from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Sherman Park.

Ashanti Hamilton

The only path to justice involves peace and patience

Statement of President Ashanti Hamilton August 15, 2016

Ashanti Hamilton

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Ashanti Hamilton

Common Council leading the way on multi-pronged public safety effort

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Ashanti Hamilton

Thurston Woods playground rehab effort set for Saturday

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Ashanti Hamilton

My Brother’s Keeper Youth Forum hosted by President Ashanti Hamilton and Mayor Tom Barrett

The topics of discussion will be unlawful driving, how to prioritize problems, the pressing issues they face as youth and how the community can best support them.

Ashanti Hamilton
Ashanti Hamilton

Hamilton to launch effort to raze blighted properties in Milwaukee’s central city

The new blight-fighting endeavor will advocate public/private partnerships that will demolish abandoned, dangerous and unsanitary properties in the city’s Promise Zones.

Ashanti Hamilton

Council President Hamilton announces 2016-2020 committee assignments

News release from Alderman Ashanti Hamilton

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