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Marisabel Cabrera Calls Out Josh Zepnick’s Double-Speak

Zepnick claims to be against water privatization, legislative record says otherwise

By - May 17th, 2016 08:16 am

MILWAUKEE – Marisabel Cabrera, Democratic candidate for the 9th Assembly district, today issued the following statement regarding Josh Zepnick‘s double-speak concerning his stance on privatizing Wisconsin’s water utilities:

“The incumbent likes to pretend that he is an advocate for the public good. However, his legislative record says otherwise. Yesterday, Josh Zepnick wrote an op-ed where he stated, ‘I do not support for-profit or commercial takeovers of our water system.’ This is contrary to his record, where he was the sole Democrat among a slew of Republican sponsors of the bill to make it easier for private companies to take control of public utilities. Not only does this bill that Zepnick supported move toward creating a Flint-like atmosphere in our communities, but it also strips away local control and democracy by making it more difficult for municipalities to have an active voice by referendum.”

She went on to say, “This is the type of leadership that has lost its way, and Zepnick issuing a statement claiming he is against water privatization is not only disingenuous but is the very definition of backpedaling away from a controversial stance during an election year. Luckily for the voters of the district, whoever introduces bills in the Legislature is a matter of public record, regardless of whatever op-ed one might release months later.

“Not only did he support such a controversial policy, but he felt so strongly about it that he added his name as an author to the bill. Fortunately for the people of Wisconsin, this bill, while having passed the Assembly, was stalled in the Senate. As state representative, I will stand firmly against the privatization of our natural resources including any bill in the future that seeks to turn our public water utilities into a for-profit industry in Wisconsin.”

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